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Using Multiple Monitors

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Using Multiple Monitors

Apporto allows you to work in multiple monitors (up to three).  For example, if you have two monitors, you may toggle to “multi-monitor mode” so the desktop spans two monitors.  

The implementation uses multiple browser tabs.  You can move each tab to a different monitor and resize as needed.  Applications may be dragged from one monitor to the other.  For example, you may open email on one monitor while working on a presentation in the other monitor.


Use Multiple Monitors


Launch in Multi Monitor Mode


To use Multi Monitors, you must launch an application in Multimonitor Mode.


Then, click on the Multi Monitor icon   in the menu bar to open a second (or third) browser tab. This may take a few seconds.


Drag and Resize Browser Tabs


Drag the new browser tab to another monitor and re-size as needed. To maximize your screen real estate you can put each tab into full screen mode.


Positioning Applications


You may move applications from one browser tab to another. Simply drag the app across the active browser tab. When it begins to appear in the second browser tab, move your cursor to that tab, select the app, and finish dragging the app over. 



 Try dragging the app about 1/3 of the way into the second tab before cursoring into the second tab to drag is the rest of the way.


Exit Multiple Monitors


To stop working in multiple monitors, simply click x to close the second (or third) browser tab.