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Secure Mobile Workspaces

A radically simplified and less costly solution for securing remote work without VDI or having to lock down every device.


2023 DaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner Peer Insights

2.5M Desktops

The next generation DaaS is here​

Introducing Apporto NextGen. Stay on-prem, move to the cloud, or both. Always a great user experience and low cost. Apporto makes DaaS simple.

VMware Horizon or Citrix customer?
Lock in your current support fee for Apporto NextGen. For example, if you paid $20,000 to VMware or Citrix in 2023 but face a $100,000 quote for 2024, Apporto will honor your 2023 fee for our 2024 subscription. Offer valid until Sept 30, 2024.

NextGen Architecture

Engineered for seamless integration across diverse infrastructures, our solution flexibly aligns with your evolving needs.


Leverage your existing on-premises infrastructure to maintain control and data sovereignty within your physical premises.



Adopt a versatile strategy by combining on-premises and cloud resources. This allows for gradual migration or scaling based on evolving business needs.

AWS Azure


Fully embrace the cloud by deploying on leading platforms like AWS or Azure, enabling global accessibility and scalability without the overhead of physical hardware management.

Discover what Apporto can do for your business


Enable Secure Access

Securely deliver 24/7 access to the applications and resources they need, whenever they need it, from any device (BYOD) without the hassle of VPN. Anytime/Any Device/Anywhere Access

Free up IT

Apporto handles software deployment, backup, recovery, monitoring, antivirus, and more, all as part of the service. No packaging, complex configuration, or endpoint management is required.

Up to 50-70% Lower TCO

A simple, all-inclusive subscription plan with no hidden fees or overages at a low predictable fixed cost.

Securely Enable BYOD

Enable BYOD without the hassle of VPN or endpoint management securely with the backing of Apporto’s zero trust and least privilege security architecture.


Deliver a better user experience

Advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling deliver a true local-like user experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Simplify your VDI for growth

Eliminate the need for server setups, datacenter overload, and patch management. Simplify and scale your infrastructure effortlessly.

Cloud Bursting

The Perfect Complement to VDI

Enhance your VDI with the ability to seamlessly scale to the cloud in real-time as needed. 
  • Temporary Workforce: Efficiently handle the demand for temporary and seasonal staff without oversizing VDI for peak usage.
  • Remote Operations: Facilitate remote sites with minimal infrastructure, enabling rapid deployment.
  • Project-Based Expansion: Support short-term IT needs for specific projects without risking network security.
  • Business Continuity: Quickly set up alternative workspaces in emergencies, maintaining productivity.
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How we can help you

IT Administrators

Secure Your Workforce: Apporto’s browser-based delivery and zero-trust infrastructure effectively isolate endpoints, significantly reducing their threat potential and your overall risk.

Minimal Endpoint Maintenance: With virtual desktops managed by Apporto and end-user devices no longer a security concern, IT maintenance requirements are drastically reduced. The BYOD option can further eliminate maintenance needs.

Intuitive Admin Console: Maintain full control with an easy-to-use, browser-based admin console, simplifying management tasks.

Comprehensive Managed Service: Apporto’s customer support team acts as an extension of your IT department, managing software deployment, backup, recovery, monitoring, antivirus, and more, ensuring smooth operations.

24/7 Support: Our always-available US-based support team is ready to assist at any time, providing peace of mind and timely help when needed.

Scale With Ease: Add or remove users in minutes. Adjust for seasonality or changing business needs quickly and easily.


IT Administrators

Desktop Users

Ultimate Mobility: Gain the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device, tailoring your work to your lifestyle and schedule.

Power Up Your Device: Apporto transforms your device into a robust computing tool, equipping you to handle any work with ease.

Engage in Real-Time Collaboration:  Utilize integrated chat, voice, screen sharing, and desktop control features for streamlined and effective real-time communication with colleagues, making teamwork more straightforward and efficient.

Easy Access to Applications: Seamlessly access your desktop and applications without the hassle of multiple logins and managing passwords.

Desktop Users


Secure Your Workforce: Apporto’s browser-based approach and zero-trust infrastructure effectively segregate endpoints, markedly lowering their vulnerability to threats and consequently diminishing your overall risk exposure.

Unburden IT Teams: Apporto manages software deployment, backup, recovery, and antivirus, simplifying configurations, packaging, and endpoint management, allowing IT teams to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Deliver a Better User Experience: Utilize advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling with Apporto to deliver a superior cloud-native experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Predictable Budget Planning – Enjoy the simplicity and transparency of an all-inclusive subscription model. With no hidden fees or overages, budgeting becomes straightforward with a fixed, predictable cost.

Streamline Compliance: Apporto’s infrastructure and method of delivery both secure and isolate endpoint devices, dramatically simplifying compliance requirements.

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Key Features

Flexible Infrastructure

Apporto provides a range of deployment choices tailored to your needs, including cloud-based, on-premises, or a hybrid solution. With compatibility across AWS, Azure, and on-premises systems, it ensures extensive adaptability and scalability for your IT infrastructure.

rapid deployment

Performance Desktops

Experience an unrivaled user experience with Apporto’s cutting-edge compression technology that reduces latency, geo-optimization for improved location-based performance, and autoscaling to ensure steady efficiency regardless of fluctuating demand levels.


Simple Admin Console

Manage operations smoothly with Apporto’s intuitive, browser-based admin console, designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance control.

Fully Managed Service

Rely on Apporto’s dedicated customer support team, which functions as an extension of your IT department, handling software deployment, backup, recovery, monitoring, antivirus, and more, ensuring seamless IT operations.

cloud scalicon

Automatic Cloud Scaling

Enhance your VDI with Apporto’s Cloud Bursting, offering real-time, seamless scalability to the cloud for varied needs like temporary workforce management and project-based expansion. This solution ensures efficient remote operations and business continuity with minimal infrastructure, maintaining high productivity in all scenarios.

Browser Based

Enjoy direct access to desktops and applications via your browser, eliminating the need for downloads and installations. This approach guarantees seamless compatibility across different browsers and devices, significantly improving user convenience and efficiency.

Real-time Collaboration

Foster effective teamwork with Apporto’s Real-time Collaboration tools. Integrated chat and voice capabilities enable swift and engaging interactions, while screen sharing and desktop control make collaborative efforts seamless and interactive for everyone, irrespective of location.

Cloud Mounter

Apporto’s Cloud Mounter easily integrates with leading cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and supports on-premises storage solutions. This feature facilitates effortless file access and management, allowing users to navigate, organize, and share files across different platforms efficiently.

mac linux windows

Multiple OS

Apporto’s cloud desktops deliver exceptional versatility, supporting multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This adaptability meets diverse computing needs and accommodates various user preferences.

Control Your IT Universe Through a Simple Console

Efficiently orchestrate your IT landscape with Apporto’s intuitive, browser-based admin console. This streamlined approach gives you easy, centralized control over your IT environment, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing complexity. Enjoy the convenience of managing your infrastructure with just a few clicks, from anywhere, at any time.

Laptop dashboard

Understanding Costs

Understanding the breakdown of expenses associated with VDI, on-prem, and cloud desktops will help you make an informed decision about long-term financial implications.

Maximize the use of your current software licenses and avoid the extra expense associated with BYOD licenses for personal devices.

Uncover the true cost of physical labs with our comprehensive TCO Calculator. 

Start with Apporto without incurring extra costs by allocating your existing hardware refresh budget.  Learn More.

Cloud desktops reduce the financial and labor burdens of frequent hardware updates for IT teams, maintaining peak performance with the latest hardware.

Don’t overlook factors like real estate, heating, cooling, networking, and employee satisfaction that significantly add to the Total Cost of Ownership.

The intensive demands of managing, monitoring, updating, patching, and fixing hardware can significantly tax your IT staff’s time.