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Apporto for Business

Experience the powerful simplicity of Apporto and deliver desktops and apps securely to any device at up to 70% lower TCO


2023 DaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner Peer Insights

2.5M Desktops

VMware Horizon or Citrix customer? It's been a rough year, we thought you could use a little love.

We’re bringing back the Summer of Love

Get Apporto NextGen for what you paid last year, before the price hikes. Offer valid until Sept 30, 2024.

Learn what Apporto can do for your organization

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Simplify your VDI for growth

Eliminate the need for server setups, datacenter overload, and patch management. Simplify and scale your infrastructure effortlessly.

Reduce TCO by 50-70%

Benefit from a straightforward, all-inclusive subscription model. Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees or overages, offering a low, predictable fixed cost.


Enable secure access on any device

Essential for successful hybrid work, ensure robust protection for all data and endpoints without compromising employee experience. Benefit from zero trust access and superior security through custom controls.

Enhance business agility

Easily add or remove users to align with seasonal shifts or evolving business requirements. Apporto offers a secure and straightforward solution, enabling swift deployment of apps and desktops from any cloud or datacenter.

Improve business continuity

Be prepared for any disruption, whether due to natural disasters or unforeseen events. Guarantee your users secure and consistent access to necessary resources, irrespective of location, device, or network.

Choose your infrastructure

Pick the best fit for your needs from a range of deployment options – cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. With compatibility across AWS, Azure, and on-prem solutions, you can ensure extensive adaptability and scalability.

Secure Mobile Workspaces

A radically simplified and less costly solution for securing remote work without VDI or having to lock down every device.

The perfect fit for your business need

Secure Remote Work

Deliver highly secure cloud desktops and a great user experience for employees working from anywhere on any device. Apporto’s advanced hyperstreaming ensures users have a responsive experience regardless of their location while enabling IT staff to simply manage a global network of cloud desktops. Finally, a cloud desktop end-users and IT can agree on!

Customer Support & Help Desk

Enable agents to work from any device with a secure and fluid experience. Users can even have crystal clear sound and video in the virtual desktop. Agents may be remote but they do not have to sound like it.

VMware & Citrix Alternative

Tired of the price hikes and uncertain future? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Remote Engineering

For technology companies, protecting IP is paramount – yet it is equally important to enable developers to be productive on their device of choice.