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Virtual Computer Labs

Enhance student access to essential resources across all devices, anytime and anywhere, while significantly cutting total costs by 50-70% and allowing your IT team to prioritize key initiatives.


2023 DaaS Magic Quadrant

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2.5M Desktops

The next generation DaaS is here​

Introducing Apporto NextGen. Stay on-prem, move to the cloud, or both. Always a great user experience and low cost. Apporto makes DaaS simple.

VMware Horizon or Citrix customer?
Lock in your current support fee for Apporto NextGen. For example, if you paid $20,000 to VMware or Citrix in 2023 but face a $100,000 quote for 2024, Apporto will honor your 2023 fee for our 2024 subscription. Offer valid until Sept 30, 2024.

NextGen Architecture

Engineered for seamless integration across diverse infrastructures, our solution flexibly aligns with your evolving needs.


Leverage your existing on-premises infrastructure to maintain control and data sovereignty within your physical premises.



Adopt a versatile strategy by combining on-premises and cloud resources. This allows for gradual migration or scaling based on evolving business needs.

AWS Azure


Fully embrace the cloud by deploying on leading platforms like AWS or Azure, enabling global accessibility and scalability without the overhead of physical hardware management.

Discover what Apporto can do for your campus


Expand Student Access

Securely provide students with 24/7 access to essential applications and resources on any device, including BYOD, without the need for VPN. Facilitate flexible access anytime and anywhere.

Unburden IT Teams

Apporto manages software deployment, backup, recovery, and antivirus, simplifying configurations, packaging, and endpoint management, allowing IT teams to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Up to 50-70% Lower TCO

Experience a substantial reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Apporto's straightforward, all-inclusive subscription model, featuring no hidden costs and predictable expenses.

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Deliver a better user experience

Utilize advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling with Apporto to deliver a superior cloud-native experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Foster Collaboration and Active Learning

Transform traditional computer labs into modern collaboration spaces with Apporto, encouraging teamwork and active, engaged learning.


Advance DEI

Apporto levels the educational playing field by turning any device, regardless of cost, into a high-performance workstation, thereby removing financial barriers to access advanced software tools.

How we can help you

IT Administrators

Cyber-Secure Campus: Apporto’s browser-based delivery and zero-trust infrastructure effectively isolate endpoints, significantly reducing their threat potential and your overall risk.

Minimal Endpoint Maintenance: With virtual desktops managed by Apporto and end-user devices no longer a security concern, IT maintenance requirements are drastically reduced. The BYOD option can further eliminate maintenance needs.

Intuitive Admin Console: Maintain full control with an easy-to-use, browser-based admin console, simplifying management tasks.

Comprehensive Managed Service: Apporto’s customer support team acts as an extension of your IT department, managing software deployment, backup, recovery, monitoring, antivirus, and more, ensuring smooth operations.

24/7 Support: Our always-available US-based support team is ready to assist at any time, providing peace of mind and timely help when needed.

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Foster Collaboration and Active Learning: Utilize real-time collaboration tools to enable students to work together efficiently on assignments from any location and on any device, enhancing teamwork and learning engagement.

Advanced Analytics for Proactive Engagement: Monitor student participation in real-time. This insight allows you to address issues promptly and enhance student outcomes effectively.

Advance Equity and Inclusion: By removing the need for expensive devices and software, Apporto ensures all students have equal access to educational resources. Transform any device into a high-performance computing tool, making learning more accessible and inclusive.

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CIO & Academic Leadership

Reduced Total Cost: Apporto significantly lowers TCO, offering an average savings of 50-70% compared to traditional computer labs, making it a cost-efficient solution.

Predictable Budget Planning: Enjoy the simplicity and transparency of an all-inclusive subscription model. With no hidden fees or overages, budgeting becomes straightforward with a fixed, predictable cost.

Encourage Collaboration and Active Learning: Transform traditional lab spaces into dynamic areas that foster student collaboration and more effective active learning, aligning with modern educational needs.

Advance Equity and Inclusion: Level the playing field by removing financial barriers related to expensive devices and software. Apporto turns any device into a high-performance computing resource, ensuring all students have equal access to essential tools.

Repurpose Physical Lab Spaces: With virtual computer labs accessible from anywhere at any time, the need for physical lab spaces is reduced. This opens up opportunities to repurpose these areas for other innovative uses, maximizing campus space utilization.

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Universal Access: Gain the freedom to study and learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device, tailoring your education to your lifestyle and preferences.

Power Up Your Device: With Apporto, your device becomes a high-powered computing platform, ready to tackle any academic challenge.

Engage in Real-Time Collaboration: Leverage integrated chat, voice, screen sharing, and desktop control for dynamic collaboration with peers and faculty, enhancing your learning experience.

Easy Access to Learning Resources: Seamlessly access courses and materials with LMS integrations that offer single-click entry and streamlined coursework submission, eliminating the hassle of multiple logins.

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Key Features

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Multiple OS

Apporto’s cloud desktops uniquely support a range of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, offering unparalleled flexibility and compatibility for diverse computing needs and user preferences.

Flexible Infrastructure

Apporto offers versatile deployment options to suit your preferences – cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid approach. Compatible with AWS, Azure, and on-prem solutions, it provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring flexibility and scalability in your IT environment.

LMS Integration

Apporto’s LMS Integration enables effortless plug-and-play connections with top LMS providers including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle. It offers single-click access and streamlined coursework submission, removing extra logins. This simplifies course management and enhances the learning experience by providing easy access to essential materials and platforms.

Virtual Classroom

Apporto’s Virtual Classroom enhances online learning by enabling teachers to view all student screens at once, ensuring active engagement. With features like hand-raising for communication and screen sharing, teachers can easily interact with and assist students in real-time, creating a more interactive and supportive digital learning environment.

Real-time Collaboration

Apporto’s Real-time Collaboration feature enriches teamwork with integrated chat and voice communication, allowing for immediate, lively discussions. Enhanced with screen sharing and desktop control, it enables students and faculty to collaborate effectively in real-time, facilitating an interactive and engaging learning and teaching experience, regardless of physical location.

Browser Based

Apporto’s browser-based platform delivers desktops and apps directly through your web browser. This eliminates the need for any downloads or installations, ensuring seamless compatibility across all browsers and devices for a more streamlined user experience.

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Performance Desktops

Advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling to ensure users have a great experience.

Cloud Mounter

Apporto’s Cloud Mounter integrates with key cloud providers like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and supports on-prem storage. It ensures easy access to all files, streamlining management and collaboration. Users can efficiently access, manage, and share files across platforms, enhancing productivity and simplifying workflows.
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Apporto supports Human Input Devices (HID) and USB storage, enhancing the functionality and user experience by allowing seamless integration of a wide range of USB-connected devices and storage solutions.

Transform Your Labs into Collaboration Spaces

Enhance student outcomes by transforming your under-utilized computer labs into Collaboration Spaces that foster active learning.

Understanding Costs

Understanding the breakdown of expenses associated with both physical computer labs and cloud desktops will help you make an informed decision about long-term financial implications.

Cloud desktops can utilize existing academic software licensing, avoiding the higher costs of BYOD licenses for personal devices.

Download our Computer Labs TCO Calculator to see how much physical labs really cost.

By leveraging the existing hardware refresh budget, your campus can get started with Apporto for no extra cost. Learn More.

Not just a drain on budgets, but also time and effort of IT teams. Cloud desktops are always current and always running on the latest hardware.

Often overlooked, real estate costs, heating, cooling, networking, and student satisfaction all play in the TCO of physical labs.

Managing, monitoring, updating, patching, and break-fix activities can create a severe drain on staff time.

Plug-n-Play LMS Integrations

Meet Apporto

Engaging, collaborative virtual labs for students and instructors improve the blended learning experience. Focus on teaching and learning, not technology. Easy to deploy & manage.