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Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology has completed a two-year assessment of its transformation from physical infrastructure to Apporto’s virtual computer lab.​

In their assessment the Office of Technology Services examine the following:

  • The motivation for change
  • Vendor selection criteria and process
  • Implementation, testing, and deployment experience
  • Impact assessment; quantitative and qualitative

Key Impacts:

Equity & Accessibility – This assists in student success by equalizing the student experience with regard to software worldwide. Students can use any piece of software that they would in the physical labs on any device, meaning someone with a $100 Acer Chromebook will have the same software experience as a $2,800 M1 MacBook Pro. This software is accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7 with a modest broadband connection.

Cost Reduction – This change in software delivery strengthens university finances by enabling migration from costly physical labs to a virtual environment. A replacement of the majority of the remaining physical lab assets with inexpensive small form-factor devices, containing a barebones MECM image, is projected to occur within the next three to five years. Furthermore, this change significantly reduces the high energy cost of keeping machines on and maintained 24/7.

“Overall sessions increased nearly threefold, and maximum concurrent users quadrupled, hours spent on the platform per capita decreased as a result of increased performance, engagement with faculty in the application delivery process increased, and improved overall user experience.”
“Apporto has put the university far ahead of the curve in pushing to become the premier technology-based university in Chicago and a leader in the nation.”
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