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The prevalence of today’s hybrid remote workforce has resulted in many organizations relying on VPNs to establish secure connectivity between worker and organizational resources.  But those organizations wanting to move towards a Zero Trust security model already recognize that despite the use of a VPN, the endpoint remains a risk, further enlarging the organization’s threat surface.

So, how can you provide the hybrid workforce a consistent user experience with access to the applications and resources they need, but do so within the context of establishing Zero Trust?

In this educational webcast, join cybersecurity expert and Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, along with Antony Awiada, CEO of Apporto, as they discuss:

  • Why Zero Trust demands more than a VPN when enabling the remote workforce
  • Where the VPN falls down as a security measure
  • How modern Cloud-based desktops transform the traditional endpoint into a productive workspace that meets Zero Trust needs

Nick Cavalancia
Microsoft MVP
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