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Apporto for Education

Transform your campus with Apporto and improve student outcomes while reducing IT complexities and costs.


2023 DaaS Magic Quadrant

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2.5M Desktops

VMware Horizon or Citrix customer? It's been a rough year, we thought you could use a little love.

We’re bringing back the Summer of Love

Get Apporto NextGen for what you paid last year, before the price hikes. Offer valid until Sept 30, 2024.

Discover what Apporto can do for your campus


Expand Student Access

Securely provide students with 24/7 access to essential applications and resources on any device, including BYOD, without the need for VPN. Facilitate flexible access anytime and anywhere.

Unburden IT Teams

Apporto manages software deployment, backup, recovery, and antivirus, simplifying configurations, packaging, and endpoint management, allowing IT teams to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Up to 50-70% Lower TCO

Experience a substantial reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Apporto's straightforward, all-inclusive subscription model, featuring no hidden costs and predictable expenses.

number one

Deliver a better user experience

Utilize advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling with Apporto to deliver a superior cloud-native experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Foster Collaboration and Active Learning

Transform traditional computer labs into modern collaboration spaces with Apporto, encouraging teamwork and active, engaged learning.


Advance DEI

Apporto levels the educational playing field by turning any device, regardless of cost, into a high-performance workstation, thereby removing financial barriers to access advanced software tools.

Virtual Computer Labs

Enhance student access to essential resources across all devices, anytime and anywhere, while significantly cutting total costs by 50-70% and allowing your IT team to prioritize key initiatives.

Cybersecurity Labs

Transform your cybersecurity training with pre-built courses, effortless customization, and 24/7 remote access for unparalleled learning flexibility.

Secure Mobile Workspaces

A radically simplified and less costly solution for securing remote work without VDI or having to lock down every device.