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Apporto Partner Program

Looking to expand your Tech-Stack? Offer your customers a truly powerful BYOD solution for their remote/hybrid workforce. Security, reliability, performance, and predictable costing are but a few of the highlights you can count on when becoming an Apporto Partner.

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Why Partner with Apporto?

Increase your MRR

Expand your Services with virtual desktops. Predictable costing creates an attractive markup model.


Complete turnkey, fully managed platform

Apporto is a vendor-assembled and vendor-managed infrastructure. Services include backup, recovery, management, and monitoring.

Marketing Materials

Run with a growth leader

Apporto currently has 2M virtual desktop seats running daily.
number one

Best-in-class delivery protocol

HyperStream, Apporto’s own delivery protocol allows for near native experience from any application on any device.

rapid deployment

Rapid deployment and 24/7 support included

Apporto installs, tests and turns back production-ready environments in about 2-3 weeks.

Desktops in the browser

No clients or agents, no VPN complexities. Browser, Wi-Fi, Done.

Partnership Types

Referral Partner

Reseller Partner

MSP Partner

License-Only Partner

Fixed commission % on Contract Value

Manages customer, uses Apporto for Pre-Sales

Manages customer, relies on Staff for Pre-Sales

Deploys Apporto desktops within their own datacenter or on-prem

Apporto Fully Managed Service


Installation & Deployment from Apporto


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Volume & Multi-Year Additional Discounts

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Assigned Regional Manager

SPIFs and Promo Eligible

Fully Managed Service:

The Apporto Partner Program allows any Authorized Partner the ability to sell Annual Subscriptions of Apporto virtual desktop service to their end-user customers under a discounted per seat costing model.

Included with Apporto is the full migration, set-up & deployment, testing, and turning back a production-ready environment (usually within 2-3 weeks) that will be completely managed and Supported (24/7) by Apporto. All seats include backup/recovery, security monitoring and management of networks and VMs, including performance and cost optimization, pen-testing and deeply entrenched alerting systems, patching, updates, and normal VM maintenance.

Apporto, in effect, is the CSP for these environments and contracts with public clouds to procure, manage, and be invoiced for any infrastructure elements needed to supply and sustain the environment. All operational decisions, responsibility, and Global Admin Controls will rest with Apporto. Partners can opt to have certain Admin functions within the environment, for User/Group management, image management, and other basic Admin controls within the Apporto Admin Console.

Apporto uses a Hybrid Public Cloud model with Geo-location for the best end user experience (latency) and then monitors and maintains the environment for performance optimization (Auto-Scaling).

The Partner is expected to source any Third-Party licensing needed for their customer desktops. This includes but is not limited to, Microsoft Office licensing, SQL, and any other SaaS apps the end user seeks and requires. Any additional A/V, besides that included with Apporto is easy to do and at the discretion of the Partner.

Apporto is the quintessential “vendor-assembled, vendor-managed” model currently trending in the DaaS industry.