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Admin Experience




If your users are geographically dispersed across the US or internationally, geo-optimization can route users to the nearest data center – ensuring optimal streaming performance.  This feature is available for Windows-based applications (Mac and Linux are coming soon), and tools are provided for Admins to optionally manage deployment across regions.

Since this feature requires Apporto to be hosted in data centers in multiple regions, there is an additional fee. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or email [email protected], to learn more about this service.

Desktop Variants enhancements

This past summer, we introduced Desktop Variants.  This popular feature enables Admins to easily create variations of Windows Desktops.  First, Admins (or Apporto Support) must install all necessary software on the base image.  Then, Admins may create new variants by selecting from a list of installed software.

For example, you might create a “Statistics Desktop” containing SPSS and an “Art Desktop” containing Photoshop.

Based on feedback from early adopters, we have simplified and mistake-proofed the workflow as follows:

  • When creating a new variant, all applications are selected by default.  Simply uncheck undesired applications.
  • If a user has access to multiple variants, they will see desktop icons for all of the variants.  (Using the example above, if the Statistics Desktop and Art Desktop are published to the user, they will see both SPSS and Photoshop icons when they launch either variant.)


To provide added security, we have added multi-factor authentication (MFA) using Google Authenticator.  This is an optional feature for customers who do not have a single-sign on (SSO) integration with Apporto.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager, or [email protected], if you would like to enable MFA to your users.

Network Access Rules

With ransomware attacks on the rise, we’re hearing a lot of requests for tools to enable Zero Trust access. Application access is already controlled by publishing applications to only those groups of users who need access. Now, we are providing the ability to limit access to particular parts of your network. Network Access Rules enable you to specify IPs and IP ranges that may be accessed by a group.

Sessions Screen enhancements

To make it easier to debug issues, we’ve added server information (so you can identify which server the user’s session is running on) and the ability to filter sessions by date range.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Made the App Store responsive so app names are easier to read when users adjust the browser size
  • Automatically match the local resolution and scale so the virtual desktop icons and text appear normally sized
  • Addressed various user import issues, particularly for customers who do not use email as the unique ID
  • Fixed an issue with SFTP user import


End User Experience



Performance improvements

Since a fast and responsive desktop is essential for a good user experience, we continue to test and optimize streaming performance.  In this release, we made improvements for video streaming and fixed an issue in which slow file transfer affected streaming speed.

Multi-monitor enhancements


Added support for three monitors.  Enabled smoother dragging of applications/windows from one monitor to another.  Addressed issues with sound and copying and pasting from one monitor to another.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Made the App Store responsive so app names are easier to read when users adjust the browser size
  • Added a backup and restore button to the top menu, enabling users to backup and restore Persistent VMs
  • Added a success message after Snapshots are restored (previously the session simply reconnected)
  • Enabled the Windows key to be passed as the Command key for users using Apporto’s Mac Desktop from a Windows keyboard
  • Fixed a caps lock issue for Linux Desktops
  • Added a warning when we detect users are on an old version of Chrome
  • Addressed accessibility gaps in the login page, profile, App Store, and desktop ribbon menu
  • Continued development of the Next Generation App Store