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Winter 20 Patch


Cloud Mounter Upgrade – February 1st

New features & fixes

  • Ability to mount Dropbox

  • Improved metadata synchronization

  • Improved performance for copying Box files

  • Simplified mounted drive names (removed *@| to prevent issues opening ArcGIS files)

  • Added support for Acrobat protected mode to prevent issues opening PDF files

Patch Release & Web Server Upgrade – February 8th

Virtual Machines Features

  • Enhanced management for dedicated (named) Virtual Machines

  • Created a separate tab in the Servers screen for Virtual Machines

  • Added feedback, notifications and mistake-proofing for backup, restore, and reimaging

  • Fixed an issue enabling users to reboot a dedicated VM via a desktop ribbon button

Bug fixes

  • Improved Dual Monitor on MacOS so it is easier to move/resize apps

  • Ensured session timestamps are translated to server time zone

  • Replaced session timeout page and removed login prompt to prevent user confusion

  • Hid devices functionality in Admin UI since it is no longer used

  • Set Apporto login cookie to expire after 24 hours

  • Improved user import performance