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Summer 18




Shared group storage

Allow users of a group (e.g. members of a class) to share a folder to exchange information related to the group (e.g. a faculty can drop an assignment there).

Virtual keyboard enabled

Allows users of devices which do not have a physical keyboard (tables, phones) to enter keystrokes to control the environment.

Session snapshots

Allows users to save up to two session snapshots so they can roll back to a previous snapshot in the event they need to undo their work. Newest snapshots overwrite the oldest snapshots.

Help link modification

Allows admins to set customer specific help links in the top right corner to direct users to customer specific documentation and support queues.

File upload/download improvements

Allows users to experience uploads and downloads closer to the target OS experience.

Better front end load balancing

Allows more users to use the system simultaneously.

Application based storage allocation

Allows admins to set  specific storage limits to end users based on the applications they are provisioned with. For instance the users of the application “SolidWorks” may be give a higher quota than the users of the application “Visio”.

Improved Admin dashboards

Allows admins to better see the performance and usage of the system via easy to use graphs.

Faculty dashboards

Allows faculty to view usage by students who are in the courses the faculty teaches. Allows faculty to compare students to the rest of the class to help identify concerns or issues with the amount of usage by the students.




Better support for audio output

Better handling for audio support so recording and audio output will be of high quality and consistent across applications.

Session termination errors

Better handling session termination and fixing of bug which could not kill a session.

Sessions download dialog box truncation

Better visibility into the session download box.