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Fall 18




Admin menu refactor

Made menus more intuitive. Admins no longer have to hit the switch link in the top header to access their app store. Instead they can select the App Store option from the menu. When creating a new app or editing an existing app, admins should select Apps from the menu. When admins login, they’ll land on the App Publishing page and see the following menu option instead of a home button.  App Publishing is where admins can assign apps to groups of users.

Virtual desktop ribbon refactor

Made virtual desktop ribbon more intuitive. Users can now view their time based analytics using the Analytics button. Removed confusing checkbox. Made some options device-dependent. For example, if users are on a tablet or smartphone, the keyboard option is enabled but session activity is hidden due to limited space.

File upload/download redesign

Redesigned file upload/download to be more intuitive. Created separate dialogs for upload and download. Added a navigation breadcrumb and delete button. Added file date and size information (to help users keep track of versions). Replaced file icon with cloud icons to make it clear that file transfer is between the student’s device and the “cloud PC.”

Poor internet connection warning

Added a warning message to let users know when their internet connection is poor, so they are not disconnected unexpectedly.

Student feedback tab

Moved feedback tab to a more prominent location (upper right side of the App Store) to make it easier for users to share feedback.

Faculty & Tech Support roles

Added two new roles: Faculty and Tech Support.  The new roles are similar to the Sub-Admin role but limit access to relevant screens. For example, a Faculty will have access to the following screens: Analytics, Users, App Publishing and the App Store. Tech Support will have access to Users, Sessions, and the App Store. The objective is to provide these roles access to screens they need without unneeded complexity.

License scheduling

This is a brand new feature. It enables admins, sub-admins and faculty to reserve apps or desktops for a specific group of users. This is useful when a university has a limited set of licenses and wants to ensure that licenses are available to all students when a class meets.

Inactive user setting

New setting for inactive users. Limits the amount of time a user can be inactive (ex. 120 days) before deprovisioning.

USB support

Provided support for USB over IP.


Collaboration tool enabling users to draw / annotate another user’s desktop. (Available for Beta users.)




Double-click launches one desktop

Prevents multiple desktops from launching when users double click on launch button.

Timeout fix for user creation

Prevented timeouts when multiple users are created or deleted.

Screen resizing fix

Fixed an issue where full screen mode only showed the menu.

Session report fix

Included data for active sessions in the Sessions report.



Algorithm improvements for auto-scaling.