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The following is a list of features, enhancements and bug fixes in the Apporto 2023.4 Release.  This includes the Hyperstream-2023.6 release.

Student / Faculty / Staff Experience



Performance Improvements

Multiple performance improvements:

  • Improved system responsiveness and reduced bandwidth usage by using a more advanced Codec – this is especially beneficial for graphics intensive applications
  • Automatic adjustment of frame rate based on latency to ensure responsiveness in high latency conditions
  • Improved accuracy of automatic detection of H264 device support
  • Improved performance on high resolution monitors

Multi-monitor Button

If Multi-monitor is enabled in the Administrative Portal, users will no longer be required to launch the desktop in multi-monitor mode.  Instead, the multi-monitor button will appear by default in the top menu bar.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Improved launch time for Persistent (named) VMs
  • Added a starting message for dependent servers (e.g. SQL Server)
  • Improved download time for Downloadable Apps
  • Fixed a Multi-Monitor issue causing a black screen
  • Fixed a mouse cursor offset issue
  • Improved Persistent VM reboot process
  • Text improvements for the welcome and password reset emails
  • Ensure users are not logged out on browser reload (only on browser close)
  • Prevent disconnections when the Apporto tab is moved to foreground in Chrome


Admin Experience



Enhancements and bug fixes Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Enabled “Months to Deprovisioning” field to be blank in the Deprovisioning Setup screen (if you do not want users to automatically be deprovisioned after the default 12 months of inactivity)
  • Ensured logins from the LMS update the last login date in Users screen
  • Added the ability for faculty to add existing users to group(s) if the scoped faculty role has permission to the group(s)
  • Added an LTI integration option to persist users’ group affiliations
  • Fixed an issue with Persistent VM re-imaging to prevent accidentally running this process multiple times
  • Fixed an issue with license utilization threshold emails
  • Improved text in image creation and deployment emails