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The Apporto 2023.1 Release was a limited deployment release, completed in April 2023.  It will be rolled out to all instances with with the 2023.2 release, targeted for late July.  The following is a list of features, enhancements and bug fixes in 2023.1.

Admin Experience



View Session

Admin ability to view an an active user session – if the user grants permission. From the Sessions screen, locate an Active session and select “View Session” from the dropdown menu.

VM management enhancements

In order to provide a consistent set of tools across all three Servers tabs (Servers, Persistent VMs, and Non-persistent VMs), we added:

  • Ability to re-image all Persistent Virtual Machines with a single command
  • Ability to create and re-image Non-Persistent Virtual Machines

Deprovisioning emails

Emails to warn users when they are about to be deprovisioned (due to inactivity) and notify them when they have been deprovisioned (by the system, administrator, or inactivity, depending on your settings).

Emails may be enabled via the Admin Portal -> Deprovisioning Setup by checking the “Send deprovisioning warning and notification” checkbox.

Example of inactivity warning email:

The primary goal of these emails is to notify users when they are about to lose access to Apporto – and to warn them in case they may need to access files prior to account deletion (30 days after deprovisioning, by default).

Support customization

Ability to customize the Help Desk (support) site and email that appear in the Help menus and error messages.

Desktop Help menu:

Desktop error message:

In the Admin Portal, navigate to Setup, and select Help Menu.  Click New to add a new resource.  Select “Help Desk” from the dropdown menu.  Enter a name (which will appear under the Help menu), URL, and email address.

New feature settings

  • Ability to enable/disable Watermark by group or user
  • Ability to enable/disable Printing by group or user

Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Ensured image creation emails show the correct status (success or fail)
  • Added a pre-loader to let users know a containerized app (e.g. SQL Server) is loading
  • Fixed the mouse hover display on the concurrent user chart
  • Prevented reactivation emails from being sent to users with SSO accounts
  • Removed Academic Calendar since this feature was not used


Student / Faculty / Staff Experience



Multi-monitor button If multi-monitor is enabled in feature settings, users will see the multi-monitor button in the top menu bar when they launch a Windows app or desktop.  Clicking the toggle will open a 2nd browser tab which can be dragged to another monitor.  The user may open up to three tabs.

(Previously, the user needed to launch the desktop in multi-monitor mode in order to access the multi-monitor button.  Now it appears by default.)    

Enhancements and bug fixes Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Enabled the Virtual Classroom to work for Spanish instances
  • Ensured if Messenger is disabled for an instance, it will not be present in the Virtual Classroom
  • Disabled H264 on iPad to prevent performance issues
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the Intro wizard displays for new users