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Table of Contents

Summer 19


User Experience



Cloud Mounter

Brand new feature enabling users to mount cloud storage services, beginning with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Once mounted, users can easily copy files from cloud drives to Apporto and vice versa – or edit files directly in the cloud drive. Instructions for mounting a drive can be found here:

Screen Sharing Enhancements

Ability to stop sharing. After sharing screens, users may click a “Stop Sharing” button.  Viewers of the shared session are immediately disconnected.

Improved drawing line clarity and fixed an issue in which “connecting lines” appeared when stopping and starting to draw.

Messenger Enhancements

Various enhancements including minimization of Messenger upon launch (so it doesn’t automatically pop open), fixes to ensure groups are up to date in the contact list, scroll to last unread message, automatic bookmarking of multi-user chats, and auto archiving of messages for up to 6 months.

Linux Desktop Profile Access

Ability to access a persistent user profile from Linux desktops.

Help Center Overhaul

Streamlined Help Center content, improved search, and added hyperlinks to help users quickly find answers to questions.

Session Disconnection Fix

Stopped session disconnections when users resize the browser.


Admin Experience



Login Page Setup

Previously, Admins could only customize the left side of the login page.  Now, the Login Page Setup enables Admins the option to customize the right side image, text, and button. If you choose not to customize it, a default image and text will display.

Default Storage Quota

Default storage quota of 10GB for all users. This value is overridden by the maximum storage quota for all groups a user belongs to.

Deprovisioning Enhancements

Admin ability to configure the number of days before deprovisioned user accounts are deleted. Also, fixed an issue to ensure users are provisioned and deprovisioned when they are added / removed from groups.

Audit Trail

Improved log readability. Improved sort and search capabilities. Captured new logs (user status changes, impersonations, role and group changes, app publishing, deprovisioning configuration, deletion of deprovisioned users, server starts, scheduling events, setup changes, etc.)

Windows Admin Permissions

If server access is a part of your contract, Admins can now launch and make changes directly to production servers via the Servers screen. In order to do so, contact Apporto to grant Windows administrative permissions to your Apporto Admins. 

Feature Settings by Group

Previously, Feature Settings applied globally to all users. Now Admins can turn desktop features (ex. Messenger, Screen Sharing, etc.) on and off for specific groups.

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and UI improvements:


– When users are removed from all groups, they are moved to Unassigned

– Fixed an issue enabling admins to start all servers for apps on Azure

– Fixed a group search issue in App Publishing

– Made group hierarchy box responsive in App Publishing

– Show poor network status in Sessions

– Improved Update Options menu in Users

– Ensured only Production groups appear in Dashboard menus

– Changed default landing page for Faculty to the App Store





Deployment Automation

To improve deployment efficiency and reduce the risk of human error, we automated the setup of new instances and updating of existing instances using SaltStack.

Vulnerability Patches

Applied latest upgrades to 3rd party software to ensure vulnerabilities are patched.

Monitoring & Alerting Enhancements

Ongoing improvements to monitoring and alerting all levels in the architecture and across multiple clouds.