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Are Turbulent Times Ahead for VMware Customers? Insiders and Analysts Think So.

In one of the largest tech deals in history, semiconductor giant Broadcom recently inked a deal to acquire VMware. The surprise acquisition has left industry analysts and VMware customers concerned. The worry is warranted. According to Forrester analysts, Broadcom’s previous acquisitions resulted in customers seeing “massive price hikes, worsening support, and stalled development.”

Broadcom Acquiring VMware - Insider and Analyst Perspective

Download the insider and analyst perspective report now to learn about:

  • Broadcom’s track record with other acquisitions
  • What industry analysts and VMware insiders anticipate for VMware and its customers
  • Broadcom’s plan to ignore most VMware customers and focus solely on 600 strategic accounts
  • How Broadcom “locks in” customers with long subscriptions and expensive fees to switch

We know that change is hard and unknowns are scary. But taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach could put you in a tough position later down the road. As Forrester analysts advise, “Ultimately, if you’re a VMware shop, you’ve got to make the call in the near future.”

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