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Configuring Help, Support and Feedback Links

Table of Contents

Configuring Help and Support Links

By default, the User Guide and Support Request links in the HELP menu (in the upper right corner of the App Store) point to the Apporto Help Center and Support Request pages on  If you want to point users to your own documentation and support systems, you can add or edit links in the Setup – Help Menu.

Help Menu

Add Item

Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL for your Apporto system, for example, “”, and log in to the system using your Admin credentials.

Click the Setup  icon at the bottom of the Navigation panel.

The ‘Setup’ submenu displays.

Click Help Menu

The ‘Help Menu Setup’’ screen displays.

The Help Menu Setup screen shows links available in the App Store HELP menu.

Click New to add a new menu option.

The ‘Add Menu Item’ screen displays.

Enter a Name in the text box. Make the name descriptive of the site content, such as “Knowledge Base” or “FAQ.”  This name will appear in the App Store HELP menu.

Enter the full URL for the linked site, including “https://” or “https://” as applicable.

Click Add

The screen refreshes to display the added menu item, and a success message shows at the top of the screen.

Click Save to save changes.

The HELP menu in the upper right corner of the App Store will show the new menu option.


Edit Item

On the Help Menu screen, click the ACTIONS  dropdown for the desired item and choose Edit.

The ‘Edit menu item’ screen displays.


Edit the Name and / or URL as desired.

Click Submit

Click Save


Delete Item

On the Help Menu screen, click the ACTIONS  dropdown for the desired MENU item, then choose Delete.

The ‘Delete menu item’ screen displays.


Click Confirm to delete the menu item.

The screen refreshes and the selected menu item is removed from the list.