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Enabling Staff Remote Access With Emory & Loyola

Due to Covid-19, remote work has become a reality for faculty, students, and staff. However, some employees have reported that they are 50% less productive now, due to slow, cumbersome technology — lags, VPN clients, security concerns, etc. But rest assured, we are here to help.

In our recent webinar about delivering remote access to all users with Emory and Loyola University, we discussed a number of topics ranging from MacOS virtual desktops, cybersecurity and cyber labs, virtual classrooms, and staff remote access.

We’ve narrowed down the content to focus on the golden gems of staff remote access, so you can enjoy a short and sweet video at your convenience.

Here are some topics we cover:

  • Building the Apporto environment for everyone.
  • Conducting a thorough security audit of Apporto and creating a VPN tunnel for trusted storage to mitigate security risks.
  • Enabling a virtual desktop environment has made it easier for all users (staff, faculty, and administrators), so they can quickly and efficiently access all network drives and apps that Emory offers.
  • Training Staff, Faculty, and Admins on bandwidth and network latency.
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