Uploading a File

You can upload a file from your local computer to a cloud desktop/app.

To upload a file:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL provided to you by your Admin (e.g. mycollege.apporto.com) and log in to the system to access the App Store.

  2. Locate and launch the streamed app to which you wish to upload a file.

    • The selected app opens in a new tab.

  3. Click the File upload  button in the top panel.

    • The File Upload Manager displays.

    • The File Upload Manager shows the Desktop directory.


  4. By default, you may upload files to the Desktop.  Alternately, you may upload files to the Documents directory.
    You may use the File Manager to navigate to the Documents directory.  Simply click on the Cloud PC link in the
    breadcrumb to navigate up a level.  Select Documents from the list.

  5. When the desired directory has been selected, click the Upload button.

    • A standard File Upload dialog displays.


  6. Locate the file you wish to upload, then click the Open button on the File Upload dialog.

    • A file upload progress bar will appear in the bottom right corner of the browser. This shows the progress of the file transfer from your local machine to the cloud PC. When the upload is complete the file will appear in the selected directory on the cloud PC.

    • When the upload is complete, click Close to close the progress dialog.

  7. When the upload is complete, click the Cancel button on the File Upload Manager. Select the File > Open option from the app. Browse to the directory in which you saved the file. If you did not change the default upload location, the file will be uploaded to your desktop. In this case, choose File -> Open from your app menu and navigate to This PC -> Desktop to open your uploaded file.

    If you uploaded a file to a directory other than Desktop or Documents, you will not be able to find and open your file via the Windows Explorer. Please upload files only to the Desktop or Documents directories.