Importing Users

When adding multiple users, you can import a list of users from an existing spreadsheet.

To import multiple users:

  1. Prepare a comma-separated values (CSV) file containing data for the users you wish to add.
    • As a minimum, include the full name and email address for each user.
    • You may include additional information supported by the user record as desired.
  2. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL for your Apporto system (e.g. and log in to the system using your Admin credentials.
  3. Click the Users  icon in the Navigation panel.
  • The Users screen displays.

  • The screen shows a listing of all authenticated users for your Apporto system.

      4. Click the Import button.

  • The Users Import screen displays. The New Import page is displayed by default.


  • If desired, click the List Imports tab to view a list of previous imports. Click the New Import tab to return to the New Import page.

      5. Upload the CSV file containing the users you wish to import:

  • Click the Browse button.
    • A standard File Upload dialog displays.
  • Locate and select the desired file, then click the Open button.
    • The File Upload dialog closes automatically, and the name of the selected file is shown next to the Browse button.

      6. Click the Next button to continue.

  • The screen refreshes to display the import options.


      7. Configure the import file for upload:

  • Use the Field Match options to match each CSV COLUMN to the appropriate value from the USER FIELDS menus.
  • Specify the import Options as appropriate:
    • If the first line of the CSV file is a header line, select the Ignore First Line checkbox.
    • If you wish to send email notification of the new account to each user, select the Send Email checkbox.
  • Use the Group Assign checkboxes to select the group(s) to which the imported users will be assigned.

      8. If the CSV file include information for current users, use the Update Existing Users radio buttons to select the desired action to be performed Profile, Groups and Password data for existing users included in the file; No Update, Replace Data or Add Data.

      9. When all desired options have been configured, click the Import button.

  • A confirmation message shows at the top of the screen when the import is completed.