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Uninstalling the Apporto Agent on Windows OS

The Apporto Agent is a utility application that works in conjunction with the Apporto system to

enable your local computer to install “native” apps from the App Store. If you will no longer be using

the App Store, you can uninstall the Apporto Agent from your local computer.

NOTE: When you uninstall the Apporto Agent from your local computer, all Apporto-managed

“native” apps installed to your computer are also uninstalled.


To uninstall the Apporto Agent:

  1. On the System drive (usually C:) navigate to the Program Files/BizAppCenter directory.


  2. Locate and launch the UninstallApporto.exe utility.
    • A confirmation dialog displays.


  3. Click the Yes(Y) button to proceed.
    • When the Apporto Agent has been successfully uninstalled, a confirmation dialog displays.


  4. Click the Close(C) button to close the confirmation dialog.