Using Messenger

If enabled by your administrator, you can use Apporto Messenger to easily collaborate with other Apporto users.

Messenger lets you:

  • See who else is online

  • Find new contacts

  • Chat with other users

  • Join and take part in group chats


Apporto Messenger will look familiar and be easy to use if you have ever used a chat application like Facebook Messenger before.


This short guide will show you step by step how to:

Using Apporto Messenger

Open Messenger

When you launch a streamed application or desktop, Messenger opens automatically.

By default Messenger is minimized in the lower right corner of the screen. Click to maximize Messenger and view contacts.


Existing Contacts

If you have existing contacts, they will appear in Favorites or in pre-populated groups, for example “Math 101”.


  Favorites will not display until your first Contact is added.

Group Contact Lists

Group contact lists, for example, “Math 101” are pre-populated based on group assignments defined by your administrator.

These groups will only be visible in messenger if:

  1. Your administrator has defined the group e.g. “Math 101”

  2. The group has less than 200 members

  3. You are a member of the group


Check Who’s Online

To see who is online, click Favorites or a pre-populated group to expand the corresponding contact list.  

  • Online users will have a green dot next to their name.  

  • Offline users will have a grey dot next to their name.

Add Contacts and Favorites

To find and add new contacts within your organization, click the + symbol next to CONTACTS.  

The ‘Add a Contact’ popup displays.


To search for a user, enter the first few letters of their email address.

Results matching your search term display.


Select the user you want to add and click the Add button. 

A confirmation message displays and the contact is added to Favorites.

Chat with a Contact

To chat with a contact, expand Favorites or GROUPS and click on the contact’s Email Address.

The new chat box displays.



Type your message in the text box and press Enter to send. 

When finished you can minimize or close the chat box.


Start a GROUP Chat

 GROUP chats can be created at any time by inviting contacts, they are not the same as the pre-poulated groups that are shown in the CONTACT box.

To start a GROUP chat, click on the + symbol next to GROUPS

The ‘Start a new Groupchat’ popup displays.

Enter a name for your group and click the Start button.




The ‘mygroupchat’ box displays.



Click into the Invite box and start typing the user’s email. 

Results matching your search term will appear. Select the user you want to invite. 

The invitation popup displays.  

You can add an optional message to the invitation, then click OK to send the invitation.

When the user accepts the invitation, they will appear in the list of Active Participants.  You can collapse the right side panel to create more chat space by clicking the >> icon.

To chat with the group, type your message in the message box and press Enter to send.


Bookmark a GROUP Chat

To bookmark a groupchat, click the bookmark icon. 

 You must bookmark a group chat in order to open it again in the future. If you close the group chat without bookmarking it first, you will not be able to reopen it.

To navigate back to a bookmarked group chat, go to GROUPS and expand Bookmarks.


Edit your Online Status

To edit your status or create a personal status message, click on the pencil icon next to your current status in the upper right corner of Messenger. 

The ‘Edit Status’ popup displays.  

Edit your status and click Save.


Closing Apporto Messenger

Closing Messenger

To close Messenger, either click the Messenger button in the top panel or x in the upper right corner.

If you receive messages when Messenger is closed, a count of unread messages will appear next to the Messenger button in the top panel. 

Click on the button to reopen Messenger and read your new messages.

 If the Messenger button in the top panel is disabled, this is either because an account has not yet been created for you or because your administrator has turned off this feature for your organization.