Using Messenger

If enabled by your administrator, you can use Apporto Messenger to easily communicate with faculty and other students in your classes.

Messenger lets you:

  • See who else is online

  • Chat with other users 1x1

  • Make voice calls


This short guide will show you step by step how to:

Using Apporto Messenger

Open Messenger

When you launch an application or desktop, Messenger connects automatically.

By default Messenger is minimized in the lower right corner of the screen.  Click to maximize Messenger and view contacts.

  You must belong to at least one group of < 100 users to have access to Messenger.  


Your contacts are pre-populated based on groups (eg. courses, sections, etc.) you belong to. 


Click on the group name (eg. History) to expand it and view contacts.


Check Who’s Online

To see who is online, click on a group to expand it.

  • Online users will have a green dot next to their name.  

  • Offline users will have a grey dot next to their name.

  • Users who set their status to "Do not Disturb" will have a red dot next to their name.


Start a Chat

To chat with a contact, expand a group and click on the contact’s Name.

A new chat box opens.



Type your message in the text box and press Enter to send. 

When finished you can minimize or close the chat box.


Make a Call

To make a voice call, simply click on the Phone button in the chat box.

If the other user accepts, you will be connected immediately.  If they decline, you will see a notification.  


Edit your Online Status

To edit your status, click on the pencil icon next to your current status in the upper right corner of Messenger. 

Select from one of the options (Online, Away, or Do not Disturb) and click Save.


Closing Messenger

To close Messenger, either click the Messenger button in the top panel or x in the upper right corner.

If you receive messages when Messenger is closed, a count of unread messages will appear next to the Messenger button in the top panel.

Click on the Messenger button to reopen Messenger and read your new messages.