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Apporto vs Amazon AppStream 2.0

140 leading universities around the world such as Princeton, UCLA, and Emory use Apporto to bring the next generation computer lab to their students with higher education features such as virtual classrooms, scheduling, analytics, and integration with the LMS.

On the other hand, Appstream is an infrastructure-as-a-service, and IT admins will have difficulty getting applications to run on it quickly and efficiently. Download this free side-by-side comparison to learn more. Appstream offers:

  • No App Virtualization
  • No Integration with LMS
  • No Support for End Users
  • No Virtual Classroom Experience
  • No Support for Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows 10
  • No Ability to Use Multiple Applications
  • No Persistent Profiles
  • Unpredictable Costs
  • Unpredictable Set-up
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