Configuring Desktop Features

By default, all features in the Desktop/App are enabled. Features include File Upload, File Download, Screen Sharing, Analytics, Snapshots, and Messenger

If a particular feature is not needed, you can disable it for all users. When disabled, the feature is greyed out in the Desktop/App top panel.

This short guide will show you step by step how to:


Enable/Disable a Feature

Disable Feature

Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL for your Apporto system, for example, “”, and log in to the system using your Admin credentials.

Click the Setup icon at the bottom of the the Navigation panel.

The ‘Setup’ submenu displays.



Click Feature Settings

The ‘Feature settings’’ screen displays.



The Feature Settings screen shows a list of Desktop/App features and the ON/OFF status of each feature.

If you launch the Desktop/App, you will see all features enabled in the top menu panel.



To disable a feature for all users, uncheck the corresponding checkbox.
For example, you may want to disable Screen Sharing to prevent collaboration or sharing of sensitive information.




If you launch the Desktop/App, you will see the feature disabled (greyed out) in the top menu panel.  



If the user tries to click on a disabled feature, they will see a ‘Feature Disabled’ message.

Enable/Re-enable Feature

To re-enable a Desktop/App feature, go back to the Feature Settings screen and check the corresponding ON/OFF checkbox to ON.