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Scheduling Downtime (beta)

While Apporto provides full service for app installation, patching, image creation, and replication to the farm, we also provide tools to enable Admins to do this.  Currently, this feature is available for instances running on AWS.  


  Contact Apporto if you would like to set up Server access.  A Test server must be set up in order to create base images to replicate to the farm.


This short guide will show you how to:


Create an Image

View Servers

Using your preferred web browser, navigate to your Apporto instance (eg. “”), and log in using your Admin credentials.

Click the Servers    button in the Navigation panel.

The ‘Servers’ screen displays.


Find your test server in the SERVER NAME column.  The name will have test at the end (eg. NC-RHT-TEST1).

Click the Create Image option in the ACTION column.

A confirmation popup will display to let you know image creation can take up to 2 hours.

Click Confirm to proceed.

An email notification will be sent to Admins when the image creation proces completes.

Schedule Downtime

View Calendar

Click the Calendar    button in the Navigation panel.

The ‘Calendar’ screen displays.

Click the Downtime tab.

The ‘Downtime’ screen displays.


Schedule Downtime

Double-click in the cell corresponding to the relevant App and date/time.  Downtime may be scheduled in 1 hour blocks.

The ‘Schedule Downtime’ dialog displays.

Select an Image from the dropdown menu.

Click Ok to proceed.

The calendar will refresh and you will see your Downtime event scheduled.

To cancel an event, click  in the event.  

To reschedule an event, drag and drop it to a new time.


During Downtime


During the 1 hour downtime, users will see a downtime notification if they try to launch the App from the App Store.

An email notification will be sent to Admins when image replication begins and again when it completes (typically within 30 minutes).

Once replication completes, Admins may navigate to Servers and launch production servers to test the changes.

Please contact Apporto immediately if you encounter any issues or if a rollback may be required!