Sharing Screens

When running a streamed app or desktop, you can share your screen with other users and collaborate in the current session.

Screen sharing enables you to collaborate with other users without providing access to your chats, analytics, or other private data.

This short guide will show you step by step how to:


Launch the streamed app or desktop that you want to collaborate on.

Select Share Method and Copy Link


Click the share screen  icon in the top panel.

The "Screen Sharing" popup displays.


There are three sharing options:

  1. View only

  2. View and draw

  3. Full control

Select the screen sharing method that you want with the radio buttons, then click Copy Link, and close the Screen Sharing dialog.

Share Link with Other Users

Paste the copied link into an email or chat box and send it to one or more other users.

If you share the
View only link, other users can view your desktop, but cannot access or control the desktop or apps.

If you share the View and draw link, other users can make annotations (draw) on your desktop by clicking and dragging.

If you share the Full control link, other users can start and use your desktop application. However, menu icons in the ribbon and your Messenger app will not be accessible to other users.


Stop Sharing 

To stop sharing your screen with other users, click the Share Screen  icon in the top panel, click the Stop Sharing button, then close the ‘Screen Sharing’ dialog box. Other users will see a "Disconnected" popup and will be unable to reconnect.