Managing Sandbox Servers


Before deploying your virtual desktops or apps to production, it is a good idea to create and test them. You can do this using sandbox servers.

If this is a part of your subscription, you can start and launch sandbox servers. Apporto admins have administrative privileges to the sandbox servers and therefore can install software and configure the desktop. The sandbox will become the base image which will be deployed to the autoscaling/production environment.

The servers screen lets you access servers in the cloud for which you have administrative rights. Once accessed, you can install, configure, and update a selected server, and an image will be deployed to the autoscaling environment to enable authorized users to access the apps installed on the server.

To view the Servers screen:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL for your Apporto system (e.g. and log in to the system using your Admin credentials.
  2. Click the Servers  icon in the Navigation Panel.
  • The Servers screen displays.


      3. The Servers screen shows a listing of servers to which your Administrative account has access, and provides the following information for each server:

  • LOCAL NAME – the local name of the server (Editable field)
  • INSTANCE NAME – the instance name for the server
  • INSTANCE TYPE – the instance type for the server
  • AVAILABILITY ZONE – the geographical zone to which the server is available
  • INSTANCE STATE – the current operational state of the server instance
  • STATUS CHECKS – Status of the server.
  • IPV4 PUBLIC IP – the IP address of the server

     4. To start the server, simply click the Start button for the relevant server.