Editing an Announcement

You can edit an announcement to change the Title, Summary and/or Body of the announcement.

To edit an announcement:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL for your Apporto system (e.g. mycollege.apporto.com) and log in to the system using your Admin credentials.
  2. Click the Announcements icon in the Navigation panel.
  • The Announcements screen displays.


  • The screen shows a listing of all currently active announcements.

      3. Click the Operations button for the announcement you wish to edit, then choose Edit.

  • The Edit Announcement dialog displays.


  • The dialog is pre-filled with the current content for the announcement.

      4. Edit the Title, Summary and/or Body of the announcement, as desired.

NOTE: “Mandatory” fields are identified by a red asterisk (*).


      5. When all desired content has been edited, click the Submit button to save your changes.

  • The Edit Announcement dialog closes automatically, the Announcements screen refreshes to display your changes, and a “confirmation” message shows at the top of the screen.

    NOTE: If you omit a “mandatory” field, an advisory message displays at the top of the Create Announcement dialog. Enter the required information, then click the Submit button.

      6. The edited announcement is automatically made available in the ANNOUNCEMENTS field in the App Store.