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Launching an App or Desktop

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Launching an App or Desktop

After logging in to Apporto, you will see the App Store.  This is where you can access all of the desktops and apps available to you.  It is your virtual computer lab.  

This short guide will show you step by step how to:



Launch an App or Desktop


Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the web address provided by your administrator (eg. “”).

Then log in to the system to access the Apporto App Store.


Select your App or Desktop

Locate the desired app or desktop and click Launch

The selected app or desktop opens in a new browser tab.


When you first login to Apporto, it may take up to 30 seconds to launch an app. This is because your profile is being created. After this, applications will launch much faster, typically between 7-15 seconds.

Some applications (eg. Persistent Virtual Machines) may take a few minutes to launch, because the server needs to start before the application can be launched.  In these cases, a popup will notify you when the server is starting.  Starting a server typically takes 1-2 minutes.


Use Apps and Desktops

The Menu

Available options are displayed as icons in the top menu bar.




Change Display Mode

Click the  icon in the top menu bar to toggle the display to full-screen mode.

Click the  icon in the menu bar or press the <Esc> key to return the display to normal mode.

 In full-screen mode, the top menu bar is hidden by default. Hover your cursor at the top edge of your browser to reveal the menu.


Upload / Download Files


Click the File Upload   icon in the menu bar to upload a file from your computer to the Apporto desktop.

Click the File Download   icon in the menu bar to download a file from Apporto to your computer.


Save or Restore a Snapshot

Click the Snapshots  icon in the menu bar to save or restore a “snapshot” of your files.


Share Your Screen

Use the Share Screen  icon to share your screen with another user and collaborate in the current session


Open Messenger

Click the Messenger  icon in the to open and use Messenger.


View Analytics

Click the Analytics  icon to open a chart showing your time and activity in Apporto over the past 3 months.


Use Multiple Monitors

When you click the Multi Monitor    icon a new browser tab will open.  Simply drag it to another monitor and resize as needed.

 You must launch the desktop in Multimonitor Mode in order to see the Multi Monitor icon in the menu.


Turn Sound On/Off

Click the Sound  icon to turn sound on or off.


Network Indicator 

A fast and reliable network connection is key for fast performance when working in Apporto.  View the Network Indicator    to guage the strength of your network connection.  The number of bars depends on network latency (the amount of time in milliseconds for response from the server).

  • Five bars show when latency is < 40 ms
  • Four bars show when latency is 40 < 70 ms
  • Three bars show when latency is 70 < 100 ms
  • Two bars show when latency is 100 < 130 ms
  • One bar shows when latency is > 130 ms

Click on the indicator to see details:


Session Time 

View the Time counter    to see how much time you have spent using Apporto this session.


Session Activity 

View the Activity sparkline    to see how much keyboard and mouse activity you’ve had this session.  Click on the sparkline to open the Analytics chart and see your time and activity over the past three months.



Click the Settings    icon to view microphone and clipboard browser settings.



Click the Help    icon to access Tutorial Videos, the User Guide, and Support Request form.