Release Notes For Business

Release Notes For Education

Success Stories and Webinars

Leading educational institutions use Apporto to work from anywhere, cut costs, and make users more productive.

Hybrid Cloud Webinar

In the last year, hundreds of universities have adopted Apporto cloud desktops. And now, we are  introducing a new service — Apporto hybrid cloud.

Mac Virtual Desktops and Engaging Virtual Labs Webinar

Getting ready for the fall semester.

At Apporto we have helped more than 40 universities move their computer labs to the cloud in the last 30 days. This is enabling thousands of students to access staple apps such as SPSS, AutoCAD, Matlab, Adobe CC etc. from their browsers.

Delivering Remote Access to All Users Webinar with Emory and Loyola University.

Our panel of IT leaders from top educational institutions discuss the challenging edge use cases such as delivering Mac virtual desktops, enabling staff to securely access a virtual desktop anywhere, and even cyber labs.

Virtual Computer Lab Webinar

Discover how WUSTL, UNCO, WIT, Fresno State, and Middelbury transitioned overnight to the new normal and understand how these 5 universities transformed from physical computer labs to virtual environments, and made the experience better for students.

Apporto helps SNHU expand its online presence:

With a burgeoning online student population, SNHU is ensuring that all students can access the software they need anytime on any device.

SNHU Webinar

In this webinar, America's most innovative regional university, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), shares how it is delivering a 21st century computing experience — online and on campus.