Release Notes For Business

Release Notes For Education


  • Q. What’s the Apporto story?

    Q. Does Apporto focus on specific industries?

    Q. Sounds interesting. So what is different about your offering?

    Q. How does the Apporto service work?

    Q. Can Apporto deliver full desktops?

    Q. Can I deliver native and web apps using Apporto?

    Q. What’s the admin experience like?

    Q. How can our team manage access to apps?

    Q. We have a BYOD policy, but we also have company computers on a network. How does Apporto handle this?

    Q. Do users have to be on our network to access their apps?

    Q.How are groups, individuals, and computers organized in Apporto?

    Q. Can an individual belong to more than one group?

    Q. Who virtualizes our software – Apporto or our IT department?

    Q. Do any virtualized apps or desktops incur surcharges in addition to the usual Apporto service charge?

  • Q.  Can I bring my organization's current software and desktop licenses to Apporto?

  • Q. What if an end user session ends unexpectedly?

    Q. What if I find a bug in the Apporto service?

    Q. What do I do in case of an outage or interruption in my Apporto service?


  • Q. What does Apporto do to keep my organization's data safe?

    Q. What does Apporto do to keep end users' information safe?

    Q. What kind of encryption does Apporto use? Does Apporto encrypt user profiles? End user files? Can encryption ever be disabled?

  • Q. What does an end user need to use Apporto?

    Q. Will end users need an account with Apporto to use the service?

    Q. Can admins set user storage amounts? What happens if admins change user storage allotments?

    Q. Does Apporto support GPU desktops and apps?

    Q. What peripherals work with Apporto?

    Q. Does Apporto allow users to print documents?

    Q. Where is the Apporto service available? What if end users are located far from Apporto's servers?

    Q. What kind of Internet connections does Apporto recommend for end user?

    Q. Can Apporto users access their email from a virtual desktop?