Q. What does an end user need to use Apporto?

First, users need a device — any device that has an HTML5-supporting browser will do.  Nearly all standard and mobile browsers — including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Explorer and Edge, and Mozilla Firefox support HTML5.

Secondly, users need an Internet connection.  And thirdly, they need to be authorized on your organization’s Apporto service.

Q. Will end users need an account with Apporto to use the service?

Users just need to be provisioned through your organization. This can be done in a number of ways:
1) SSO integration (SAML, Shibboleth etc)
2) LDAP integration, and/or
3) Directly provisioned in the Apporto service.
Once you have added a user to the Apporto service and assigned them one or more apps, they’re good to go. You can choose to send them an email notifying them that they have been added to the service.

Q. Can admins set user storage amounts? What happens if admins change user storage allotments?

Yes.  Admins can set per-user storage amounts when they set up or change a user group within the Apporto service.  Up to 30 GB can be allotted to each user. No user data is lost when their allotments change.

Q. Does Apporto support GPU desktops and apps?

Yes.  Organizations can choose between GPU and non-GPU environments, according to the requirements of their users.

Q. What peripherals work with Apporto?

Since Apporto is browser-based, users can use whatever mice, speakers, etc. that work with their device.  Users can also print from Apporto using either a Cloud printing service, a local printer connected to the device, or via PDF.

Apporto also supports the use of microphones and video through the browser.  

Q. Does Apporto allow users to print documents?

Yes, and in several different ways:

  • Users can save their work to a PDF file and then print it on any local printer accessible from their device.

  • If a VPN is set up between the Apporto service and the organization’s network, users can print directly to mapped network printers using the virtualized app’s print functions.

  • Users can upload their files to a web-based print service.  The service will then print these files on a local machine.

Q. Where is the Apporto service available? What if end users are located far from Apporto’s servers?

True to our Cloud-based roots, the Apporto service is available anywhere in the world — well, anywhere with reasonably good Internet service.  We currently have customers in four continents (Asia, South America, North America, and Europe) and all over the United States. How do we do it? We locate server facilities near the customer and use those to provide their service.

End users can be located anywhere with Internet.  The only potential drawback is if the user is at a geographic distance from their organization’s Apporto server.  In this case, the service will still work, but the user may experience some delays (e.g. waiting a few seconds for a page to load or an action to be performed.)

Q. What kind of Internet connections does Apporto recommend for end users?

DSL, fiber optic, cable, cellular (4G and up), and fixed wireless connections can all support Apporto’s service. Older cellular connections can also work with Apporto, but speed and/or latency problems can really reduce the user experience.

Because of high network latencies, a dial-up Internet connection or a satellite connection are not recommended for use with Apporto.  

Q. Can Apporto users access their email from a virtual desktop?

That’s totally up to the admins in charge.  If the user’s email program is included in the virtual desktop image, that user can use email as they normally would.  But if admins don’t include an email client (or if they block email websites from the browser), then users will not be able to access their emails.