Q. What’s the Apporto story?

We started Apporto in 2014 because we saw a gap in the IT marketplace. People wanted near-constant access to their desktops or applications. To be blunt, the existing options weren’t awesome. VDI, XenApp, and other traditional solutions were expensive. They were complicated. And worse, they often provided a poor experience to end users.

We thought there had to be a better way. A way that allowed people to use their apps and desktops no matter where they were or what device they used.

And that’s how Apporto was born. We built our service to be available anytime, anywhere. And we designed it to deliver a simple yet awesome user experience!

Apporto is based in the heart of Silicon Valley. We’re a dynamic, lean team that is dedicated to carrying out our mission to unshackle users from their desks, freeing them to access whatever apps they need wherever they are.

Q. Sounds interesting. So what is different about your offering?

Where do we start? There are many things that make Apporto different from other virtualization providers. Here are the things we’re especially proud of:

  • We’re Cloud-native. We didn’t have to adapt to using the Cloud; our whole business was designed to utilize cutting-edge technology.

  • We’re dynamic in a lot of ways. Our autoscaling algorithms automatically manage resources to provide the best user experience in the most efficient way. And this translates into considerable cost savings for our customers, too.

  • Everything in Apporto happens in the browser, from administrative tasks to actual app use. Unless you’re looking at native app delivery (which we’ll discuss later), Apporto doesn’t require the installation of any additional programs or plugins. If you’ve got a browser that supports HTML5, you’re good to go.

  • We’re all about keeping it simple. This includes administrative duties; these can all be performed from an intuitive dashboard. And we like simplicity so much, we even do the maintenance, user support, and routine service ourselves. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

  • We provide role-based analytics to all of our users. This allows people to look at the statistics relevant to their job or function without wading through a bunch of unrelated info.

  • We also offer multiple virtualization techniques, including thrifty container-based virtualization, flexible OS virtualization, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

  • We support both Windows and Linux desktops from just one platform.

Q. How does the Apporto service work?

Apporto works a lot like a utility: it streams virtual desktops and apps to browsers. It’s Cloud-based, so there’s no onsite hardware or infrastructure to worry about. Our team takes care of the tedious stuff (monitoring, backup, patching, etc.) while your team simply makes sure that your end users have access to the right virtual desktops and apps.

That’s it. No muss, no fuss. For more info, try a free 30-day trial or contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Q. Can Apporto deliver full desktops?

Yes. Apporto can deliver full Windows and Linux desktops on any device. And unlike many other desktop streaming options, we support persistent, Cloud-based profiles. They are easier to use, always accessible, and they reduce the risk of lost user data.

Q. How does Apporto deliver apps and desktops?

We use two techniques to deliver apps and desktops:

  • Streaming. Apps or desktops run on a Cloud-based server; the UI is streamed to the end user’s browser.

  • Native delivery. Apps are downloaded and installed directly on the end user’s device.

Some customers just stream virtual desktops and apps; others use both streaming and native delivery to support all their use cases.

For example, a researcher may have limited Internet access while “in the field” and may need an installed app; university students usually have Internet access and can use a streaming app.

Q. What devices/OSs does Apporto support?

Any device running an HTML5 browser can stream an app. PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Linux computers – it’s all fine with us.

Good to know: Many streaming apps are designed for full-size screens, so users with larger screens will get the best experience.

Q. What’s the admin experience like?

We’ve designed Apporto to integrate with your organization’s Single Sign On or Active Directory service. After implementing Apporto, IT admins simply access the app store through a browser and get to work. Admins can manage the Apporto service as described in the next question. They can also look at usage analytics and set permissions for subadmins.

Q. How can our team manage access to apps?

Apporto uses your existing hierarchy of groups, users, and devices to manage access to apps. This means that you can control access using very broad (e.g. all employees, all managers, etc.) or very granular (e.g. this job role, these devices) levels.

And we’ve kept the process as simple as possible: during the initial setup, Apporto’s integration module imports your AD or SSO hierarchy and uses that to establish groups. You can also manually create groups and/or users and specify their access rights.

Q. We have a BYOD policy, but we also have company computers on a network. How does Apporto handle this?

As far as Apporto is concerned, all devices (whether domain members or not) live in the Cloud as one big connected family. Any device that’s authorized on the Apporto service and is connected to the Internet can access the Apporto app store.

Good to know: An HTTPS connection is used for all connections. This ensures that your data is always safe.

Q. Do users have to be on our network to access their apps?

Nope. They just have to be online. On network, off network, across the lobby or across the world – it doesn’t matter to Apporto.

Q. How are groups, individuals, and computers organized in Apporto?

Any way you like.

Apporto supports an unlimited hierarchical organization. Groups can contain one or more individuals as well as multiple groups. (E.g. An “employees” group would also include the “management”, “IT”, and “sales” groups.) You can adjust group members as needed from the administration dashboard.

Q. Can an individual belong to more than one group?

Yes. Individual users can access all the apps for all the groups they are in.

Q. Who virtualizes our software – Apporto or our IT department?

Some customers prefer to virtualize their software. In that case, we give them access to a dev server with full admin rights. They can install their software, configure it, etc. Once this setup process is finished, the image is moved to our autoscaling environment.

Alternatively, customers can ask us to do the virtualization; we’ve probably virtualized that software for another organization. We provide this service at no extra charge.

Q. Do any virtualized apps or desktops incur surcharges in addition to the usual Apporto service charge?

No, all are included in our service package.