Q. What does Apporto do to keep my organization’s data safe?

Our written security policies are provided in the customized Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response Plans we provide to our customers.  We review these policies every 90 days, and we continually monitor and assess our system’s security and performance.

All connections to the Apporto service take place over secure HTTPS. Plus, each organization’s information is stored separately, and we utilize private tunnels between our Cloud servers and your company as an additional safety measure.  Finally, we use only SOC-3 compliant service providers like Amazon and Microsoft to host our servers.

Q. What does Apporto do to keep end users’ information safe?

When using SSO, we do not store end users’ personal information.  All user files are automatically backed up in our Cloud server, and each organization’s data is kept separate from that of our other customers.

We do not share user information with third parties, and no U.S. user data is sent outside of the U.S.

Q. What kind of encryption does Apporto use? Does Apporto encrypt user profiles? end user files? Can encryption ever be disabled?

Every user connection to Apporto uses HTTPS Secure.  Connections from Apporto to an organization use Site-to-Site VPN (IPsec) to maintain security.  We can encrypt users data on the virtual storage if requested.