Q. What if an end user session ends unexpectedly?

Power cuts out without warning.  Device batteries die. The Wi-Fi connection gives up the ghost — all these things happen, and Apporto is prepared for them.

When a user’s session unexpectedly ends, Apporto’s servers keep it live for an additional 30 minutes (from when the connection was lost).  So a brief interruption is no problem; users can just pick up where they left off.

If the interruption is longer than 30 minutes, the server will close the session.  However, all data is automatically backed up in our Cloud storage, so the user won’t lose anything.

Q. What if I have suggestions for a better Apporto?

We’d love to hear them!  Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a shout through our customer service contact form and we’ll consider your request.  You won’t get a free t-shirt if we use it, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to make us even more useful and user-friendly.

Q. What if I find a bug in the Apporto service?

Oh dear!  Contact our support team — by phone at 1(877)751-4081, email, or our online customer service support form — and we’ll squash it for you.  Please give us a detailed description of the problem, including when it occurred and what happened.  Our engineers will get right to figuring it out, and you’ll earn our deep thanks for helping us make Apporto even better.

Good to know:  If you contact us during normal business hours, we usually respond within a four-hour window.

Q. What do I do in case of a failure or interruption in my Apporto service?

First of all, we’ll let you know when we plan to temporarily suspend Apporto for maintenance or upgrades — and we usually do this during the slowest service times.  

When you sign up with Apporto, you’ll be given a detailed, customized Disaster Recovery Plan and a detailed, customized Business Continuity Plan, which contains contact information for our team’s top troubleshooters.  In the event of a catastrophic failure, consult the appropriate plan and contact the person(s) mentioned.

If your service is temporarily down or interrupted, file a support ticket as described above.  We’ll usually be in touch within a few hours (with the exception of weekends and holidays, in which case you’ll hear from us on the next business day.)