In part one of our three-part blog series, we discussed how Apporto helped Ithaca College reduce spending while delivering robust computing power by virtualizing and streaming apps and desktops to remote and on-campus users.

Part two will discuss how Emory University used Apporto’s virtual computer lab platform to  empower mobility and reduce IT support workload.

Empowering Mobility And Reducing IT Support

Students at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School (GBS) have access to a traditional computer lab. The IT department also provides students with access to necessary software, which can be downloaded onto their own laptops as part of their orientation. 


Many of Emory’s GBS students are working professionals and did not want to spend time driving to the computer labs to use software – therefore, the computer lab was often unused. One week before finals, the lab was empty!

Emory’s IT support staff also had to help students with complicated installs. This led to slow support ticket response times. 

Another challenge was that students’ files lived on their devices, with no Cloud backup. If a student lost or broke their device, they’d lose their files and have to reinstall the program all over again. 


The GBS IT team wanted to free students from the hassle of being tied to a lab – or even to their own laptops. They wanted students to be able to work on multiple devices, without installing software and without being required to have a specific OS. 

Essentially, they wanted their computer lab to become a virtual-first experience.

Virtual Computer Labs: 2-year Impact Assessment Conducted by IIT

The Office of Technology Services at The Illinois Institute of Technology has completed a two-year assessment of its transformation from physical infrastructure to Apporto’s virtual computer lab.​ Read their findings here.
Illinois Institute of Technology


Moving to a streaming model has allowed students to focus on learning, drastically reducing time spent on course software issues. The IT team is also reimagining the computer lab as a virtual space that supports student collaboration and growth. They are also looking at using Apporto for faculty to use when working from home. 

UC Irvine also looked to Apporto to help them take a more collaborative approach to learning. You can read their story in Part Three of our series here 

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