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Your users are
on the go
on the go
on the go
Are your applications shackled to a desktop?

Apporto delivers virtual cloud desktops and


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Stream your apps and desktops to your users


  • The Cloud has changed the way we work, providing us with a huge productivity boost. Users want to access their company-provided desktops or applications anytime, anywhere — not just at the office. How can IT enable this without compromising security or compliance — or going crazy trying to support all sorts of devices? The answer is desktop and and app streaming.
  • Apporto transforms familiar corporate desktops or applications into HTML and securely streams them to users’ devices. This means users can start a project on their office PC, continue working on a tablet on the train home, and then finish it on their personal Mac — all without skipping a beat. And the IT team can rest easy, having delivered user productivity while maintaining security and compliance.

Unshackle your users and watch productivity soar!

Born in the cloud. Available anywhere.
Cloud based virtual desktops and apps, ready in a flash.
Priced at a fraction of VDI.
  • VDI issues solved

    Apporto offers a near-native user experience. Unresponsive software? Delayed response time? Not on our watch. We've implemented cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of optimization to make sure users have a great experience.

  • "Scale and Save" is your new superpower

    Our auto-scaling algorithms add capacity as users log on and remove it as they log off. This saves us money, and we use it to save you money too. Plus, did we mention that you can use Apporto for a fraction of the cost of a virtual desktop?

  • Collaboration without limitation

    Today's users need to work together anytime, anywhere. Apporto lets them share screens and collaborate directly in the app or from their browser. No need to fiddle with plugins or launchers.

  • IT heroics not required

    Here's the philosophy behind Apporto's UI: Point. Click. Done. We've crammed Apporto full of cool tech, but you won't need a PhD in software design to use any of it. (You can save your scripting chops for another project.)

  • Free yourself from tedious tasks

    Be honest. You're not going to miss all the soul-crushingly boring backups, updates and monitoring, are you? Didn't think so. We'll do the maintenance; you can focus on being a problem-solving IT ninja.

  • BYOD + Data security

    Our cloud-based virtual desktops mean users can work from any device with no risk to your data. Your data is always saved on our servers (and always backed up)!