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Virtual Desktops Reimagined

Apporto is a next-generation VDI designed for today's End User Computing: a great user experience anywhere, on any device, with high security, and a hybrid infrastructure. All managed from a simple control plane.

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2023 DaaS Magic Quadrant

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2.5M Desktops

VMware Horizon or Citrix customer? It's been a rough year, we thought you could use a little love.

We’re bringing back the Summer of Love

Get Apporto NextGen for what you paid last year, before the price hikes. Offer valid until Sept 30, 2024.

The Desktop You’ve Been Waiting For

Empower your IT and quit worrying about infrastructure and endpoints. Deliver a better, more secure, desktop experience users will love.

The next generation DaaS is here​

Introducing Apporto NextGen. Stay on-prem, move to the cloud, or both. Always a great user experience and low cost. Apporto makes DaaS simple.


The perfect blend of technology and innovation to deliver purpose-built solutions unlike any other

Secure Mobile Workspaces

A radically simplified and less costly solution for securing remote work without VDI or having to lock down every device.

Cybersecurity Labs

Transform your cybersecurity training with pre-built courses, effortless customization, and 24/7 remote access for unparalleled learning flexibility.

Virtual Computer Labs

Enhance student access to essential resources across all devices, anytime and anywhere, while significantly cutting total costs by 50-70% and allowing your IT team to prioritize key initiatives.

Common Use Cases

The perfect fit without the hassle of complex infrastructure or integrations