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Cybersecurity Labs

Transform your cybersecurity training with pre-built courses, effortless customization, and 24/7 remote access for unparalleled learning flexibility.


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Take your cybersecurity training to the next level

Ready-to-go Courses

Streamline your teaching with Apporto’s pre-built cybersecurity modules covering essential topics like CompTIA's Network+ and Security+, endpoint management, and enterprise architecture for effective teaching.

Effortless Customization

Apporto's infrastructure offers drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing you to easily tailor it with a variety of virtual machines, networks, and operating systems like Windows, Linux, and more to suit your specific needs.


Secure and Isolated Environment

Apporto's Cyber Security Labs provide a safe, isolated sandbox environment for practical training with real-world scenarios, without the need for clients or VPNs.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Enable 24/7 access to training resources from any location and on any device, enhancing convenience and supporting remote learning.

Cost-Effective Predictability

Experience the clarity of our fixed, inclusive pricing model. No overages, no surprises, and simpler than do-it-yourself alternatives, all at a significantly lower cost.

Enhance Collaboration

Our Virtual Classroom enables teachers to monitor student screens, respond to queries, and share control, while real-time chat and voice tools facilitate seamless student-faculty collaboration.

How we can help you

IT Administrators

Simplified Lab Setup and Management: Apporto’s user-friendly customization tools simplify the setup and management of diverse virtual lab environments.

Minimal Infrastructure Burden: Ready-to-use courses and virtual environments significantly lower the need for physical lab maintenance, saving time and resources.

Secure Training Without Risk: The isolated labs provide a safe space for cybersecurity training, protecting the institution’s network from potential threats.

Remote Accessibility: The labs’ 24/7 accessibility from any device and location is a significant advantage for IT admins. It allows them to support a flexible learning environment without the need to manage additional access protocols or VPN configurations.

Predictable IT Budgeting: Fixed pricing offers clear, manageable budgeting, eliminating financial uncertainties related to IT expenditures.

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Customizable Training Environment: Easily tailor virtual labs with drag-and-drop functionality, matching specific course needs and curriculums.

Ready-Made Course Content: Save time with pre-built cybersecurity modules, allowing a focus on student engagement rather than on developing course materials from scratch.

Safe, Controlled Training Space: Conduct practical, real-world scenario training in a secure, isolated environment, ideal for safe experimentation in cybersecurity practices.

Flexible Teaching Schedule: Access training materials 24/7 from any device, offering convenience for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Interactive Teaching Tools: Engage in more dynamic, responsive teaching with tools for screen monitoring, real-time communication, and collaborative exercises.

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CIO & Academic Leadership

Efficient IT Resource Use: Apporto’s streamlined, service-based approach allows for optimal allocation of IT resources in cybersecurity training, minimizing the need for extensive hardware or software investments.

Curriculum Advancement: Ready-to-use cybersecurity courses enhance the curriculum, keeping it aligned with industry standards like CompTIA certifications.

Enhanced Training Security: Experience top-tier data protection with our secure, isolated lab environment, safeguarding institutional information during practical, hands-on training sessions.

Broadened Learning Access: 24/7 remote lab access supports diverse student needs, facilitating inclusive and flexible learning opportunities.

Cost Management and Savings: A fixed pricing model provides financial predictability and savings compared to traditional setups.

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Hands-On Learning Experience: The labs’ effortless customization allows students to work with a range of virtual machines, networks, and operating systems, offering a practical, hands-on approach to learning complex cybersecurity concepts.

Access to Industry-Relevant Courses: Ready-to-go courses like CompTIA Network+ and Security+ ensure students have access to up-to-date, industry-aligned content for enhanced career readiness.

Flexible Learning Schedule: The labs are accessible 24/7 from any location and device, offering students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and according to their schedules.

Collaborative Learning Opportunities: The Virtual Classroom, with tools for chat and voice communication, offers a more interactive and collaborative learning experience, connecting students with instructors and peers effectively.

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Key Features

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Drag-and-drop Interface

Apporto’s infrastructure offers drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing you to easily tailor it with a variety of virtual machines, networks, and operating systems like Windows, Linux, and more to suit your specific needs.


Secure and Isolated Environment

Apporto’s Cyber Security Labs provide a safe, isolated sandbox environment for practical training with real-world scenarios, without the need for clients or VPNs.

Flexible Infrastructure

Apporto offers versatile deployment options to suit your preferences – cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid approach. Compatible with AWS, Azure, and on-prem solutions, it provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring flexibility and scalability in your IT environment.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Apporto ensures your training resources are accessible 24/7 from any location and on any device. This enhances convenience and fully supports the flexibility required for effective remote learning.

Virtual Classroom

Apporto’s Virtual Classroom revolutionizes online learning by allowing teachers to simultaneously view all student screens, fostering active engagement. It features hand-raising and screen sharing capabilities, enabling real-time interaction and assistance. This creates a dynamic and nurturing digital learning environment for both teachers and students.

Real-time Collaboration

Apporto’s Real-time Collaboration tool transforms teamwork with its integrated chat and voice features, fostering instant, dynamic discussions. Augmented by screen sharing and desktop control functions, it empowers both students and faculty to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. This tool enhances the learning and teaching experience by making it interactive and captivating, irrespective of geographical barriers.

LMS Integration

Apporto’s LMS Integration enables effortless plug-and-play connections with top LMS providers including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle. It offers single-click access and streamlined coursework submission, removing extra logins. This simplifies course management and enhances the learning experience by providing easy access to essential materials and platforms.

Browser Based

Experience streamlined access to desktops and apps right through your browser, bypassing the hassle of downloads and installations. This ensures flawless compatibility across various browsers and devices, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Ready-to-go Courses

Be day-one ready. We offer a range of pre-built modules for CompTIA courses, such as Network+ and Security+, in addition to courses on end-point management, software deployment, enterprise architecture, and much more. Modules are easily customizable, enabling educators and organizations to develop a high-impact curriculum that ignites interest and supports specific instructional goals.


Understanding Costs

Understanding the breakdown of expenses associated with both physical computer labs and cloud desktops will help you make an informed decision about long-term financial implications.

Efficiently leverage existing academic software licenses, and circumvent the need for more expensive BYOD licenses for personal devices.

Uncover the true cost of physical labs with our comprehensive TCO Calculator. Download now.

Begin your journey with Apporto at zero additional cost by utilizing your existing hardware refresh budget. Explore our Net Zero Cost Model for more details. Learn More.

Cloud desktops reduce the financial and labor burdens of frequent hardware updates for IT teams, maintaining peak performance with the latest hardware.

Don’t overlook factors like real estate, heating, cooling, networking, and student satisfaction that significantly add to the Total Cost of Ownership of physical labs.

The intensive demands of managing, monitoring, updating, patching, and fixing hardware can significantly tax your IT staff’s time.

Plug-n-Play LMS Integrations

Meet Apporto

Engaging, collaborative virtual labs for students and instructors improve the blended learning experience. Focus on teaching and learning, not technology. Easy to deploy & manage.