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Remote & Hybrid Work

Deliver highly secure cloud desktops and a great user experience for employees working from anywhere on any device. Apporto’s advanced hyperstreaming ensures users have a responsive experience regardless of their location while enabling IT staff to simply manage a global network of cloud desktops. Finally, a cloud desktop end-users and IT can agree on!

See how Apporto compares to today’s most popular virtual desktop providers.

Learn how Apporto helps enable a more secure mobile workforce with its Zero Trust Virtual Desktops.

The Ultimate Virtual Desktop

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Apporto uses advanced autoscaling and optimization algorithms to keep costs low. Apporto offers customers a predictable low cost. No need to worry about paying extra for systems integrators, implementation fees or consulting charges.

Increase Business Agility

Deploy in days. Scale-up and down as needed. Support new geographies in no time. Apporto offers a SaaS solution, meaning customers do not need to worry about the infrastructure.

Deliver A Responsive User Experience Anywhere

Users can have a very fluid experience, including excellent sound and video conferencing inside the virtual desktop. Ensure all communications go through the security stack.

Ensure Data Residency At All Times

Store sensitive data in the cloud instead of storing it on vulnerable endpoint devices.

Personalize Cloud Desktops With Least Privilege Access

Users can access only those applications and network resources assigned specifically to them.

Enterprise SLA

Apporto stands behind its service with an ironclad SLA. Just ask any of our customers.

Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights

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