Optimize user experience

On-prem environments are hard to optimize. Too many users at the end of the semester? Need more CPU power. Too much 3D? Add GPUs. Too few users? Wasted space, resources, and manpower.

Get it wrong, and end users will suffer through performance lags, jags, and lulls.

Instead, move to the Cloud and experience Apporto's unique auto-scaling architecture, which automatically matches capacity with demand. User experience solved.


Free up your support team

It takes a lot of work to maintain servers, handle help desk tickets, and meet faculty IT needs. Forget about 24x7 support - that's way too much for tech teams.

Move to Apporto, though, and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. No more backups, spin-ups, or 27-different-version installs. Just one console, one app store, and a lot less pressure on the support team.

Cut costs, not performance

Add it all up, and on-prem VDI is expensive! And time-consuming. And a hassle.

Why not find out how much joy Apporto's cloud-native apps and desktop-streaming service can bring to your IT team, your faculty, and your users?

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