Cloud based virtual computer labs
A 21st century computing experience for 21st century students
  • The anytime, anywhere computer lab

    Driving to use a computer at the lab? Not anymore! Apporto makes academic apps available on any device at any time, with a near-native user experience. Students can start working on a school PC, continue on their tablets, and finish up their home Mac - without missing a beat.

  • Access all your files, all the time

    Apporto's persistent profiles are stored in the Cloud. Students don't have to waste time (or risk losing their work) loading or moving files. Login, launch, and get going - uploading and downloading files is so 20th century!

  • Instant collaboration and mentoring

    In school and on the job, group work is how things get done. Apporto's built-in collaboration functions let students (and faculty) share screens and communicate without leaving their browser.

  • Insightful analytics

    Apporto's in-app analytics let students see how they are progressing with their schoolwork and how they compare to the rest of their class - and let instructors keep an eye on at-risk students.