Why Apporto

1. Will it Make Users More Productive?

Apporto is well known for providing a great user experience; just ask any of our customers.

We believe it does not matter how many technical features are embedded in a virtual desktop, if users have to wait for the desktop to be ready or if they experience a painfully slow UI, then what is the point? By providing an optimized and efficient user experience, Apporto gives remote users the freedom to be productive anywhere, at any time.

2. Will it Make Admins’ Lives Easier?

Many cloud vendors provide DIY tools to build a DaaS solution. But setting up and managing virtual desktops users, groups, servers, geographies, and networks is a major undertaking – and making sure it is always secure and optimizes costs, is a considerable challenge.

Apporto has built a virtual desktop platform — it embeds all of the necessary technologies and know-how, so you can get up and running in a few days. We also provide you with a simple Admin Console to manage and administer the environment. No scripting is required – you can save that for other tasks.

3. Does it Advance Your Business Goals?

Apporto’s fully-integrated and easy-to-use platform saves you time and money. Instead of spending hours integrating apps, maintaining expensive DIY computing environments, and troubleshooting remote support requests, you can focus on key outcomes – all while enjoying significant cost savings.


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