Release Notes For Business

Release Notes For Education

1. Will it Make Users More Productive?

Apporto is well known for providing a great user experience; just ask any of our customers.

We believe it does not matter how many technical features are embedded in a virtual desktop, if users have to wait for the desktop to be ready or if they experience a painfully slow UI, then what is the point?

2. Will it Make Admins' Lives Easier?

Setting up and managing virtual desktops users, groups, servers, geographies, and networks is a major undertaking – making sure they always perform well, are secure and keep costs low is not for the faint of heart. Apporto embeds all of the necessary technologies and know-how, so you can get up and running in a few days. We also provide you with a simple admin console to manage and administer the environment.

3. Does it provide a clear ROI?

Our customers report 50 to 75% savings compared to traditional VDI. We have built advanced autoscaling and heuristics to optimize resource utilization. We also leverage our volume purchasing with our suppliers and pass those savings to you.

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