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Staff Remote Access

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Like most organizations, companies are searching for the best ways to enable anytime, anywhere access to their staff. 

After all, Workplace Analytics expects that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home by the end of 2021. So remote work is here to stay. Thankfully, remote work helps employees be more productive by reducing unnecessary meetings and focusing on tasks that really matter, according to a recent Harvard study

The Challenges of Remote Work

But now, businesses have the additional challenge of ensuring the safety and security of their data. Even when the device is provided by the business, the security perimeter of the company is now each and every employee’s home — and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

On top of this, when using a VPN to remotely access on-prem resources, it can take a few minutes for the connection to load and it often throttles internet connectivity, negating all productivity-enhancement goals.

The Apporto Virtual Desktop Platform

Apporto provides the best-of-all-worlds experience. Not only is staff connected to a highly responsive desktop instantly, but also their connection to the internet is unthrottled. Even better, all data is stored on a secure cloud server that is always monitored for intrusions and always backed up. IT staff can now sleep soundly… and focus on other important tasks. 


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