SNHU Webinar

Improving Student Success by
Delivering a 21st Century Computing Experience

In this webinar, America's most innovative regional university, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), shares how it is delivering a 21st century computing experience - online and on campus..

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SNHU's focus on innovation has resulted in tremendous growth in enrollment - from 8,000 students in 2001 to 80,000 students in 2018 - all while receiving awards for excellence in education.

When SNHU evaluated options for its computing environment, they opted for a scalable, cloud-based virtual desktop over a traditional VDI implementation.

This enables students to access virtual desktops anywhere from any device, collaborate on group assignments, and gauge their activity via analytics dashboards. All in all, this solution enables students, faculty and advisors to work in lockstep to improve student outcomes.

Hear from key team members about this cutting edge project:


Gerry Fulbrook

Assistant VP, Academic Technologies


Dr Gwen Britton

Academic Associate VP, Online STEM Programs


Dr Scott Overmyer

Assistant Executive Director, STEM