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Phil Morgan joins Apporto as the Managing Director of Apporto, UK

London, UK – Apporto, a leading provider of cloud desktops, cyber security labs, and virtual computer labs, today announced the appointment of Phil Morgan as the new Managing Director of Apporto, UK.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Phil Morgan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Apporto team. As Managing Director, Phil will be responsible for driving the growth and success of Apporto in the UK and Europe.

We are excited to welcome Phil to the Apporto team as the Managing Director of Apporto UK,” said Antony Awaida, CEO and Founder of Apporto. “His experience and passion for technology, combined with his strategic vision and leadership, make him the ideal candidate to lead our efforts in the European market.

Phil Morgan is well-known in the technology industry for his expertise in application and desktop delivery, and has a proven track record of success in supporting and growing user communities in EdTech and End User Computing. Phil has worked with over 150 educational institutions worldwide and several Fortune 100 companies to solve complex EUC challenges.

Apporto’s cloud desktop and cyber security lab are unlike anything I’ve seen before.” said Phil Morgan, Managing Director of Apporto, UK. “Hyperstream delivers an amazing high-fidelity experience to the browser, with no troublesome clients and all the benefits of cloud collaboration. By co-designing with EdTech leaders, Apporto has directly addressed the needs of education customers. VLE integration provides seamless one-click access and makes admin a breeze. The advanced, tutor-friendly scheduling ensures desktops are always ready and available for teaching. Combined with Apporto’s fully managed service and unique fixed-cost for cloud model, this is a stand-out solution. In all areas where DIY virtual desktops and on-prem VDI fall down, Apporto succeeds.

For more information, join our live introduction webinar Wednesday 5th April @ 3PM GMT. Register here.

About Apporto: 

Apporto is a leading provider of cloud desktop, virtual computer lab, and cyber lab solutions in North America. Its innovative technology was designed to help enable secure mobile work and learning at an affordable price. With Apporto, users are able to access their desktops and apps from any browser-enabled device and with the operating system of their choice (Windows, Mac, Linux). Leveraging Hyperstream, Apporto’s custom streaming protocol, users enjoy unparalleled performance and ease of use directly from the browser already on their devices. No additional clients, support, or VPN connections are required. Further, Apporto delivers its platform as a fully managed service at a low predictable annual cost. For more information about Apporto and its virtual desktop, cyber security lab, and virtual computer lab solutions, please visit

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