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The Freedom to Work
Remotely, Productively,
and Securely.

Introducing Apporto for Business

Got 2 minutes? Watch this video to see how Apporto can support your business.

Offering a work-from-home option makes employees happy and productive, but clunky VPNs, slow VDIs, and other tech troubles can make remote work a pain – for remote workers and for IT.

Apporto is a cloud desktop platform that delights users by delivering a great experience on any device. Our team of experts has created a service that provides employees with an agile and responsive user experience in their browsers and admins with a simple yet powerful control console.

We’ve taken care of the hard stuff (like app virtualization, auto-scaling, security, etc.) and the boring stuff (like patching and backups). Our service is monitored and optimized 24/7 and our help desk is on call, giving your IT team a reprieve.

Did we mention we help you save money, too? Apporto can reduce costs by 50 – 75% compared to traditional virtual desktop infrastructures. Now you can give your team the freedom to work remotely without busting your budget. Learn more details about our benefits and features, such as autoscaling, geo-optimization, plug-and-play integration and more.