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Recording: Next Generation Computer Labs

Watch as we demonstrate how Apporto transforms the educational experience for higher education. Learn how your students can go beyond traditional lab constraints with Apporto’s innovative offering.

Discover why more than 200 universities and colleges have moved beyond conventional virtual desktops, opting for virtual computer labs instead. We’ll delve into the importance of collaboration features in supporting hybrid teaching methods.

Our demonstration will include:

Virtual Computer Labs: Next gen computer labs offering flexible, anytime access to desktops and apps.
Virtual Classrooms: Tools for conducting lively, interactive classes, accessible from any location, on or off campus.
Cyber Labs: Specialized laboratories designed to enhance cybersecurity education in a risk-free environment, focusing on practical skills.
Secure Mobile Workspaces: Ensure security and accessibility for seamless remote work.
Comparative Insights: A look at what sets Apporto apart from other providers, especially in terms of unique features tailored for higher education.
Q&A Session: A dedicated segment to answer your questions.


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