Beyond VDI: Container based virtualization



Desktop virtualization promises to bring many benefits to higher ed: Anytime/anywhere access, flexible desktop management, improved security etc.. Yet 10 years after its first introduction, VDI has largely failed to deliver on its early promises and its market penetration remains in the single digits.

Now there is much talk about a new virtualization technology: Containers promise to solve some of VDI's most nagging problems and are being widely adopted in the data center.

In this fact filled webinar, Apporto CEO, Antony Awaida, MS MIT, will discuss the crucial role containers can play in delivering a low cost, highly performant virtual desktop. 

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  •   ◎ What is container virtualization?
  •   ◎ What are the benefits of using application and OS containers?
  •   ◎ How can containers be used to deliver virtual desktops to end users?
  •   ◎ What does a virtual desktop that utilizes containers look like?


In this recorded webinar, Derek Ogata, UCLA Extension Lab Manager discusses how UCLA is leveraging containers to deliver virtual desktops to students anytime, anywhere.  

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