Release Notes For Business

Release Notes For Education



Student / Staff Experience



Performance improvements

Since a fast and responsive desktop is essential for a good user experience, we continue to test and optimize streaming performance.  In this release, we have opened a new channel for H264 and addressed issues with H264 on Chrome. These changes significantly improve performance, especially for graphics-intensive applications.

Homework submission

Ability for students to upload an assignment to Canvas from the virtual desktop.

Students login to Canvas, navigate to a course, and launch Apporto. When they finish working on the assignment, they click a homework button in the desktop ribbon menu.  After selecting the relevant assignment and file, they hit upload, and the file is uploaded to Canvas where it is accessible to instructors for grading.

USB streaming (Arduino POC)

Ability to communicate back and forth between the virtual desktop and a USB device connected to the user’s physical device. 

We have completed a proof of concept for “USB streaming” with Arduino boards. Our next test will be with WACOM devices.

This feature will be ready for beta testing around August 20.  Please email if you’d like beta access.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a printing issue in a 3rd party technology that caused the desktop to freeze when printing to pdf

  • Added free text search to Sessions and the Audit Trail (previously this was only available in the Users screen)

  • Addressed accessibility gaps in the login page, profile, App Store, and desktop ribbon menu

  • Achieved a Lighthouse performance score of 80% on

  • Began development of the Next Generation App Store




Admin Experience



Desktop Variants enhancement

In our last release, we introduced Desktop Variants.  This feature enables Admins to easily create variations of Windows Desktops.  For example, the base image might have a set of 15 applications installed.  Then, the Admin could create a variant for which a subset of applications (eg. 5 apps) are accessible.

Based on feedback from early adopters, the Applications checkbox logic was leading to mistakes. Admins were accidentally removing applications. To prevent this, we have modified the form to select ALL applications by default.


We are highlighting this here, since the new logic is the opposite of before:  

  • Previously, the variant was a “blank slate” with no applications (unless specific applications checkboxes were checked).

  • Now, the variant contains ALL installed applications from the base image (unless you uncheck particular applications).

User location map

Many colleges and universities have global campuses, professional students, and students studying abroad. To provide insight into where students are logging in from, we’ve added a Users Location Map in the Admin Dashboard (bottom right corner).  The map uses geo-IP data to approximate user location.  The default view is for North America, but you may toggle to see a world map.

Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Began development of Next Gen services to improve performance of bulk operations for user creation, editing, and deletion

  • Migrated remaining customers to new web architecture, ensuring redundancy