NYU Case Study:
Moving a Virtual Computer Lab to the Cloud



In this recorded webinar, one of America's top universities. NYU(SHNU), shares how it has moved its virtual computer lab from on-prem to the cloud.

Powerful trends have driven universities to virtualize their computer labs: BYOD, online courses and a better student experience to name a few. Now, universities face a choice of adopting an on-prem vs cloud solution. NYU was an early adopter of on-prem virtualization and conducted an extensive analysis of next-gen solutions before adopting the Apporto cloud service.

Hear about this innovative project from key member of the NYU team:

Dr. Gary Shawver

Asst. Director, Academic Technology Services

  • Jorge Najera-Ordonez - Technical Lead VCL

  • Michael Quigley - Service Lead VCL

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